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Budget Friendly Gifts for the Mom to Be!

Posted by Cloth Diaper Blog Guest on 10/24/2010 to Green Living
A friend of mine (due any day and I am aching to hold this baby) shared with me a baby gift "suggestion" note she received in the mail for the shower of a co-worker. "I'm not expecting any gifts, and normally I love anything that someone thinks enough of me to give, but I wouldn't want any of this stuff. I'd hate to see people throw away their money." Since I"m hosting her shower, I asked to see the list (in case I might have purchased/stashed/forgotten about a potentially offensive item). She was right - it looked more like a super-grocery list than a shower gift. Here's a few sample items:
    Case of Huggies
    Case of wipes
    paper plates
    garbage bags
The note explained the idea: send enough disposable items that the mom-to-be can just focus on her baby. Good idea, terrible execution. What's cute about a mountain of trash? We brainstormed a quick list for those of you looking to give a break to both the mom-to-be and mother earth while you're at it.

Nursing Pads: Baby and mama both deserve to be dry and comfortable and nursing pads do the trick. Available in white or fun prints, nursing pads are a really thoughtful gift.

A Moby Wrap. I don't know about anyone else but my baby spent the first four months of his life crying. His belly hurt and the only thing that made him feel better was my body heat and heartbeat. A wrap (there are others, Moby was my choice) made it possible to carry my baby safely and securely..even when we were both exhausted.

A cloth diaper package: We're fans of cloth diapers but even the most eco-concious mom can feel a little bit worried about getting started. A cloth diaper package helps ease worries about having enough.

Laundry Supplies . A pile of stinky diapers and no idea how to clean them will send a harried new mom right to the store for disposables. Help her out by giving diapers and soap.If all else fails (or you're not sure what the family needs you can always give a gift certificate.

Super Budget Friendly Gifts:
All the love, none of the cost.When my youngest child was born by neighbor (a mom of six) stopped by my house with a really nice offer. Dinner for my whole family - 1 hour notice was all she asked. As promised she brought a huge salad, a delicious pot pie (still a family favorite), brownies and a quart of milk. Beth's gift was lovely - and given with her whole heart. Here are some other ideas for the budget conscious:
  • Look out for Fido. Pets can get a little lost in the new baby shuffle. Stopping by to take their furry friends for a walk while mom and dad recuperate would really help.
  • Take the siblings for a playdate. If this is their second child (or more) you can help big brother or sister feel special by inviting them to join your family at the park, at the movies, at your house or at your favorite pizza parlor.
  • Bring your broom and mop. I had the honor of being invited along on a surprise mop raid for a woman who was a mom to four and a military spouse (husband returning home from deployment). We didn't wait to be asked and we didn't take no for an answer. We just showed up and gave one very haggard mommy a little time to go hang out with her kids and make "welcome home, daddy" signs.
  • Bring flowers. Not the cut kind that start dying immediately. The kind that pop up every year to remind a growing family of a very important day. Rake leaves, cut grass, pull weeds, plant annuals and perennials. You'll get a mental thank you every year.