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Mom to Mom: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy and Weaning Unwillingly

Posted by Becca on 8/19/2015 to Breast Feeding
breastfeeding,weaningWith both of my children, I imagined allowing them to nurse until they decided it was time to finish, and though they both nursed until they were two years old, the decision to stop was mine, not theirs. It broke my heart. Both times.

Mom to Mom: Breastfeeding a Toddler, Pros and Cons

Posted by Becca on 12/4/2014 to Breast Feeding
breastfeedingI love nursing my babies! It’s been one of the most fulfilling things for both of my children and for me as we go through the journey together. From the first, difficult days, weeks, or even months where we figured out latch...(read more)

Mom to Mom Monday: Memories of Breastfeeding

Posted by Becca on 4/7/2014 to Breast Feeding
remembering breastfeeding,nursing,motherhoodBunny is four years old. I weaned her when she was 25 months old. I didn’t nurse her quite as long as I would have liked, but she was definitely an extended nurseling. When she weaned she was far beyond just speaking full sentences. She had started to develop...(Read more)

Mom to Mom Monday: Breastfeeding When Your Nursling Bites

Posted by Becca on 3/10/2014 to Breast Feeding
breastfeeding,pain,blood,nipplesI had ten minutes before my first class and I had set up all my Medela equipment and found a relaxing spot at my lesson planning table to pump. As usual, I wasn’t trying to get any schoolwork done while I expressed milk, I was just relaxing so the oxytocin could flow (Read more...)

Mom to Mom Monday: Breastfeeding, Where have you pumped?

Posted by Becca on 2/24/2014 to Breast Feeding
breastfeeding,pumpingBreastfeeding brings about it’s own share of culturally awkward situations as it is. Of course, we wish it weren’t so. It would be great if it were such as non­-issue here as it is in, say, Mozambique or Spain. Since it isn’t, awkward glares, rude comments, and even hilarity often ensue prompting some brave women to just go with the humor and buy shirts and onesies with witty sayings and baby beanies shaped like boobs. But if you...(Read more)

Mom to Mom Monday: Hand Expressing Breastmilk

Posted by Becca on 2/3/2014 to Breast Feeding
breastmilk,hand expressionI was afraid it would happen one day. It happened before, years ago, but I’d been vigilant this time. I had a routine this time. Still, it happened again. I forgot a crucial part of my breast pump. I sat at my desk at school with only just the time necessary to pump the

Mom to Mom Monday: Tips for and How to pump at work

Posted by Becca on 11/25/2013 to Breast Feeding
breastpump,breastmilkAfter a glorious four months at home with my new baby boy and four year old daughter, alas, the time has come for me to return to my part­time job as a Spanish teacher. The arrival of this change is bittersweet. The professional in me thrives when I’m in my bright, colorful classroom bouncing around with animation and enthusiasm as I (Read more...)

Mom to Mom Monday: Internet Bullying and Motherhood

Posted by Becca on 10/14/2013 to Breast Feeding
motherhood,bullying,internetAbout six months ago, I wrote a post about how my daughter was facing bullying at daycare. It's been so long now, and so long since she's been in daycare even, that I don't remember all the specifics anymore. What I do remember is that poor, three-year old Bunny was made to feel small and helpless in the face of someone trying to feel better about themselves by belittling her. Unkind words, and actions that excluded her brought my normally bubbly and happy little girl home bereft of all her confidence. She was so sad... (Read more...)

Family Fitness: Breastfeeding while Dieting and Exercising.

Posted by Bert on 3/7/2013 to Breast Feeding
Does working out and dieting affect your milk supply? In this week's Family Fitness post Bert shares with you her thoughts and findings.

Have you been curious about breastfeeding while exercising? Then this post is for you!

Mom to Mom: Breastfeeding

Posted by Becca on 2/4/2013 to Breast Feeding

I absolutely love breastfeeding. I do. I love it. I remember the wonder that came with discovering an amazing bond that happened each time my daughter and I met at my breast--how our eyes locked, how I was so in tune with each suckling noise and wiggle, how sometimes her soft little hands would reach up next to her mouth and grab my skin, gripping me tight. I was spellbound by this magical thing God created to fuse a mother's heart to her child.

Tummy Trouble in Breastfed Babies

Posted by Stacey on 11/27/2012 to Breast Feeding

Tummy Pain in baby is usually pretty obvious. The arching back, the tooting, the excessive burping/spitting up and the high pitched scream are all good indications that something is amiss. Breastfeeding moms have the daunting task of wondering about too little milk, too much let-down and that extra cup of coffee. In most cases, gas is the culprit but before you put down that broccoli, consider all of the possibilities.

Breastfeeding - The Unspoken Truths

Posted by Stacey on 10/23/2012 to Breast Feeding

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my babies. What I didn’t know was that the choice came with some surprises. After nursing three very different babies, consulting with 3 different lactation consultants and utilizing tons of other resources, I realized that breastfeeding education and promotion is missing some very important information. I feel like it’s my duty to share some of the unspoken truths about breastfeeding in the hopes that women will be more prepared, and less likely to freak out and throw in the towel.

New Mom on the Block

Posted by Stacey on 10/16/2012 to Breast Feeding
The Cloth Diaper Blog is getting an editorial facelift and we are stepping outside the diaper pail to bring you new topics and fresh content! Feel free to comment about our new approach and let us know if there is a topic that you would like to see.

Adventures in Lactating: Cloth Nursing Pads!

Posted by Becca on 10/24/2011 to Breast Feeding

Nothing prepared me for what breastfeeding would be like. Absolutely nothing. I was told about the leaking, engorgement, and blistered nipples, but until I experienced it for myself, I had no way of understanding what those who’d gone before me were talking about.

Breastfeeding Moms Prefer Cloth Diapers

Posted by Bryana on 3/25/2007 to Breast Feeding