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Bio-degradable Baby Wipes

Posted by Bryana on 2/7/2007 to Green Living
Don't stop with the diapers! GroVia Bio Wipes

Bio-degradable baby wipes take your natural living one step further.When you use cloth diapers, you save your local landfill from the thousands of disposable diapers one baby will use in a lifetime. Plastic disposable diapers are not bio-degradable, which means they do not decompose easily. We don’t know how long the breakdown of plastics takes, though scientists estimate 500-1000 years. Biodegradable waste, such a natural fiber diapers and food waste, breaks down in the soil of a landfill within a few years and becomes earth again. The earth recycles biodegradable materials. Bio-degradable baby wipes will not leave a trace.Bio-degradable baby wipes are available in reusable and disposable styles. With reusable baby wipes, you toss a used wipe in the diaper pail with the used diapers. Many disposable wipes, such as our rice-paper liners, can be flushed down the toilet.

Cloth baby wipes are easy to use

Reusable cloth baby wipes are quick and easy to use as you change cloth diapers. Keep a few dry wipes next to the changing table with a spray bottle full of distilled water. Or, make your own wipes solution with aloe vera and essential oils, then keep the wet cloth baby wipes covered between diaper changes. We offer cloth baby wipes in many shapes, sizes and materials from fluffy undyed knit terry to smooth cotton flannelette.

A baby’s sensitive skin needs special care. You don't need to use prepared solutions with preservatives and other ingredients that might cause a reaction on your baby's skin. You can change your wipes solution depending on whether your baby needs healing herbs, moisturizing oils, or plain water.