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Be a part of the Real Diaper Giveaway!

Posted by Bryana on 5/8/2007 to Cloth Diaper News

Be a part of the Real Diaper Giveaway! Real Diaper Association is sponsoring an ongoing Real Diaper Giveaway wherein nominations are accepted by RDA members for families that need help to start cloth diapering their babies. Interested? Read details about the Real Diaper Giveaway and choose your level of involvement.

The bottom line is that as a 100% nonprofit organization, all money collected from advertising on the RDA website goes to give away diapers. Yes, you read that right - they GIVE AWAY cloth diapers. By doing this, the Real Diaper Giveaway, with the help of Real Diaper Association advertisers and members, spreads more cloth diapers to more babies who need them.

If you are a cloth diapering advocate, consider joining Real Diaper Association. We are business members of Real Diaper Association and are a part of their ongoing effort to increase the use of simple, reusable cloth diaper.