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Babysitters and Cloth Diapers

Posted by Becca on 7/1/2010 to Cloth Diaper How-To

There was that time I came home from errands to find that my dear friend had put one of my daughter's Haute pocket diapers on backwards. Then, there was that other time when my mom sweetly lathered my little darling's rashy bottom with a thick layer of creamy Desitin before placing her in a bumGenius!. And I can't forget the time that my sister put her Pocket Diaper on so loosely that I was amazed there weren't puddles of pee on the couch.

Leaving your baby with a sitter is stressful enough without considering the fact that most people are absolutely uneducated in the art of cloth diapering. So what do we do? We educate.


People are scared of cloth diapers. This is sad since they are just so easy and fun these days, but it doesn't change the fact that most people only resort to cloth diapers as a last ditch effort to beat the current economic crisis.

Then, those people who wouldn't dream of going to such extremes, despite the massive amounts of money it would save, look at those of us who do and think we're crazy for putting poop in our washing machines. But if you're going to babysit my daughter, then you are going to cloth diaper because that is all she uses, case closed.

"Let me just show you her diapers," I say just before my hubby and I make our way out the door for a hot date to Walmart. "They're pretty simple. Just like disposables but you don't throw them away!" I pull one out and show them the simple closures and that they go on just like disposables.

"You put the diaper on just like a regular diaper. Then, you spray the wipes and throw the old diaper and the wipe in the wet bag that hangs right here."

Make it simple

Don't leave your most complicated cloth diapers at the top of your stash. Leave out the easiest possible diapers for your sitter to use and make sure they know the steps of using them.

I prefer to leave all in one diapers or pocket diapers with Velcro tab closures at the top of my stash for baby sitters.

I don't point out my fitted diapers, prefolds or various diaper covers because it's just too many different types of diapers to choose from.

When I have the sitters use pocket diapers, I don't even ask them to take out the insert before putting them in the wet bag, and I won't make them use the diaper sprayer either. "Just stick it all in there," I say, indicating my hanging wet bag "and I'll take care of the rest."

Write it Down

Cloth diapering isn't as much complicated, as it is foreign territory, to those who have only used disposables. So make a list. Leave it with the sitter, or post it somewhere near your changing table. Write down things such as "Please don't use rash creams" or "Diapers go in the laundry not the trash." where your sitter can see them. Of course, what you write in your directions is up to you and dependent upon your cloth diapering style.

Leave it out

To make matters even more simple for your sitter, leave out the amount of diapers they will need. Leave them in a visible place, so they don't have to go fishing in drawers and baskets through AIOs, AI2s, and fitteds to find what they need. It might be prudent to leave out two or three diapers right next to your cloth baby wipes and spray bottle. Then, the steps of what to do are obvious and less ominous.

I know, I know, it may seem much easier just to pull out a few disposables and let the babysitter use those on your child, forgoing your cloth stash entirely, but honestly why would you do that when the cloth diapers are just as easy? And who knows, when your babysitter is done taking care of your child, you just may have created another cloth diaper convert!