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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Your Non-Cloth Diapering Friend!

Posted by Julie on 12/12/2013 to Natural Parenting
So your BFF is pregnant with her first, or maybe second child, and there's a Baby Shower. You want nothing more than to shower her with fluffy gifts but YOU know her and you know she's not into cloth and not going to use cloth diapers even if you bought them for her. So what can you buy her that's unique, fun and from Diaper Junction? Let us show you!

Baby Shower Gifts for a Non-Cloth Diapering Friend


A baby carrier! She may not know she needs a Moby Wrap but we all know she does, and if she's registered at a Big Box Store she may not have even thought to register for a wrap style carrier.

Giving the gift of a Moby Wrap will rock her world!

swim diaperSwim Diapers! You don't have to be a cloth diaper addict to appreciate a reusable swim diaper. They just make sense and are a practical and useful gift that your friend will get a lot of use out of!

Nursing Pads! Another practical yet often forgotten gift idea are reusable breast pads. Breastfeeding or not, most often a mother's milk will come in and she'll need breast pads, at least temporarily. Cloth pads are reusable, leakproof, absorbent and comfortable.

Try Bamboobies! They're packaged in giftable packaging and fun!

teething Teething Toys or Teethers! Diaper Junction carries a great selection of safe and non-toxic teething toys, rattles and more. From the Jellystone Chocolate Bar teether to Sophie the Giraffe, we've got teething gift ideas the new little one is sure to love!

Additional gift ideas are Wipes Warmer, Breastpump, Nusring Cover, Diaper Rash Remedy and Earth Mama Angel Baby products!

So, never fear. Just because your expecting friend isn't going to use cloth diapers doesn't mean you can't buy her baby shower gift at!