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Baby Boot Camp

Posted by CDB Guest on 4/3/2007 to Getting Started

The Quantico Marine Corps Base hosts a monthly class for expectant husbands and wives to attend together called Baby Boot Camp. The six-hour program covers the gamut of experiences that new parents can expect, from sleeplessness to get this ... changing diapers!

This Baby Boot Camp is a part of Marine Family Services and is run by the New Parent Support Program. In addition to allowing men to "experience" the pregnancy by wearing the 33-lb. belly around that simulates pregnancy, the program also offers ways to save money on diapers and teaches about breastfeeding.

I gotta tell you - I'm giving a shout-out to the U.S. Marine Corp. Perhaps they need a cloth diapering advocate to knock on their Parent Support Program's door and introduce the benefits of cloth diapers. Not only would cloth diapers save those soldiers' family money, but as we've discussed many times, there are both environmental and health issues to consider as well.

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