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Are Parents Just "Riding the Green Wave"?

Posted by Bryana on 2/17/2010 to Cloth Diaper News

Jennifer Crossley, staff writer for the published an interesting article, Green bottoms up: Many parents returning to cloth diapers, last Friday. In it she described how cloth diapers are "en vogue with snaps and Velcro and other added conveniences" and that "The diapers ride the green wave for families hoping to cut back on the amount of waste they produce."

It got me to thinking about this supposed "green wave" and wonder whether or not caregivers would continue to wrap their children in cloth diapers if there wasn't a need for a "green wave"; for instance, if it was revealed that Climate Researchers Manipulated and Hid Data.

Why Not Cloth Diaper Your Baby for THEM - NOT the WORLD?!

Respect for the earth is certainly one of the reasons for some of the personal decisions we make to recycle, reuse and reduce. It makes sense to protect what we've been given. It makes sense to not "use" more than our fair share and to give back whenever possible. It makes sense, global warming climate change or not.

However…why would THAT be the sole factor for cloth diapering my child? A consideration, yes. A final factor, no.

I would cloth diaper my children even if disposable diapers weren't filling the landfills, plastics weren't off-gassing, sodium polyacrylate wasn't a chemical with disputed negative effects, and the economical "climate" wasn't haphazard.

Why not respect children with the same conviction, urgency, and heart we put into all things GREEN? Why not choose cloth diapers on our babies because it wraps them in comfort. Why not choose cloth diapers on our babies because we wouldn't dream of wearing paper and plastic underwear ourselves and want to afford the same comforts to our babies? Why not choose cloth diapers for our babies because we expect to change them regularly - don't mind changing them regularly - instead of letting them sit in their own urine and waste for as much as a disposable diaper can hold?

Green Wave or Not - Cloth Diapers Respect our Babies!

Yes, cloth diapers are convenient. Yes, cloth diapers offer quick on-and-off closures with snaps or Velcro and are available in what seems to be an endless variety of highly absorbent, soft, plush fabrics. Yes, today's cloth diapers are leakproof, easy to wash, easy to change, and are available in sizes to fit babies from birth to potty training.

But most of all…YES, cloth diapers give our children the respect they deserve - the respect we hope they offer us when the tables are turned and it is OUR diapers THEY are changing.