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Maximize your Affiliate Account with our All-Star Affiliate Program!

Posted by Julie on 1/10/2012 to Affiliate Program

Cloth Diaper Affiliate programHere at Diaper Junction we pride ourselves on great customer service while providing excellent products and support.  Word of mouth is the key to our success.  Our lovely and highly satisfied customers spread the good word both in person and online about their shopping experience with us.  What about you?  Have you ever raved about a product or service we've provided?  Did you know you could be earning cash each time you do?

That's where our Affiliate Program comes in.  When you're a Diaper Junction Affiliate you receive a special link to use when you talk about what you love, cloth diapers!  We take care of the technical behind the scenes stuff like tracking cookies and sales.

All Star Affiliate Info

Posted by Julie on 1/10/2012 to Affiliate Program

Cloth Diaper All Star AffiliateCongrats on making the decision to become an Diaper Junction Affiliate! If you're reading this then this means you're an established blogger and you're interested in finding out what it takes to be a Diaper Junction All Star Affiliate.

So what is an All Star Affiliate and what does it take to become one?

Our All Star Affiliate Program is something new that we've created to help benefit our blogging affiliates and give them extra incentives besides commission to help them succeed.

Tips for becoming a successful Diaper Junction Affiliate!

Posted by Julie on 8/13/2011 to Affiliate Program

You already talk about cloth diapers, why not get paid to do it!

Sure, virtually every site you visit or shop at has an Affiliate Marketing program.  Some are easier than others to use, some have a really complicated sign up and the dividends you earn vary from store to store.  Have you checked out our Diaper Junction Affiliate program lately?  It's a great way to earn cash that you can use to purchase more cloth diapers and accessories from Diaper Junction, or you can request to get paid via paypal!  The more seriously you take it, the more you can earn!