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Advocate Cloth with Cloth Diaper Show and Tell

Posted by Becca on 3/9/2015

Cloth Diaper Show and Tell

In my experience, most people who use cloth diapers are inspired to do so by someone they know. In person.

I was interested in using cloth diapers because my mom used them on myself and a couple of my younger siblings. I didn’t pursue it much further because the Gerber prefolds in Walmart and Babies R Us didn’t impress me. But then a friend told me about the pocket diapers she used and another friend gave me a couple and I was sold. I didn’t actually do any further research and I’m glad. There are SO MANY modern cloth diaper options that when someone tries to figure out what they want from online research, it can be rather overwhelming. Because I was only told about pocket diapers, I only looked into pocket diapers. Later, I discovered other diapering options. I discovered them gradually and got into using them gradually.

So, what can you do for a perspective cloth diaper user who is interested but overwhelmed by the choices? Well, you could direct them to one of many blog posts and articles (a couple of useful ones can be found at Diaper Junction) that introduce a newbie to the different cloth diapering options. If you have a brick and mortar store near you, that’s also an option for in person education about cloth diapers. Bring your friend over there and together you can talk through the different options. I don’t know many people who have an actual store near them, though, so the internet is their only option for buying cloth. cloth diapers

But even better than that is inviting them to come over and peruse your stash. Some of my friends have only one system in their arsenal. I have a friend who has used the same set of Flip diapers for both her kids, and nothing else. Another friend of mine only uses pockets. A third friend mixed in some fitteds with her pockets (she was the one who introduced me to fitted diapers!). Friends of people who have one diapering style will often end up choosing the same or similar style because it’s what they’re most accustomed to it and because they have a reliable source to talk with about it.

Because I’ve been writing about cloth diapers and reviewing them since my daughter was born, I have managed to get at least one of every type of diapering style: all in ones, all in twos, prefolds, flats, fitteds, and pockets. I even have a hybrid disposable insert somewhere, though I’ve never used an AI2 as a hybrid even once in my life. A lot of people have designated me “the girl who uses cloth diapers,” or so it seems because whenever a friend gets pregnant and is interested in cloth diapers, I get a text, an email, or a Facebook message asking me about them: where to buy them, what kind to use, or even how to make them. I’ve found that when I try to explain to them the different types, it’s overwhelming. It is a lot to process! I can see their eyes glazing over and I feel frustrated from trying to give them the shortest version possible while helping them to understand. It was nice to just have a bag with a bunch of different diapers in it to show my pregnant friends the last time I was asked for cloth diaper advice.

So, the next time a friend wants to use cloth diapers, invite her over to your house for a little “Show and Tell,” or better yet, bring as many kinds of diapers as you have over to her house so she can put her feet up in the comfort of her own home and learn all about them while relaxing with a tall glass of lemonade.