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A mother's experience with Baltic Amber for natural teething pain relief

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/19/2011 to Natural Parenting

I enjoy making more natural choices for my family and especially my babies. I cloth diaper, breastfeed, and make my own baby food so when a friend told me about amber teething necklaces I had to try it out.  I was already accustomed to using teething tablets instead of over-the-counter pain relievers. I am on my fourth baby and had never heard of using amber before. I did a little research and found that amber is a resin not a stone. As a resin, the amber actually dissolves into the skin and is absorbed into the body. For centuries people around the world have used amber to relieve pain and inflammation. I figured if it could not hurt him then maybe it could help him.

My wee little man started teething at 3 months old and it was time to invest in a natural alternative to relieve his discomfort. I don’t like to see my children in pain, but I also don’t want to load them up on medicines that could harm them and even kill them if dosed incorrectly. I was excited to see if something as simple as a necklace could help him. It is much nicer than I expected. I was concerned about putting something around my infant’s neck. What if the beads came loose or the necklace got snagged on something and he choked. All of those concerns were put to rest when I saw it. The beads are individually tied on and it has a clasp that screws together so it blends in as another bead. I opted for the rounded beads because I read the chips could dig into their skin a little more. The necklace fits perfectly around his neck. Not so short that it chokes him and not too long that it snags on anything.

When he was four months old I could feel the teeth right below the surface of his gums. He grabbed for everything to chew on. He wasn’t abnormally fussy. The weeks ticked by and the day he turned five months old his first little tooth emerged and two days later his second tooth came through. We did not have sleepless nights or crying fits throughout the day while his teeth worked their way through his gums. Is it the amber? Is it him being an easy going baby? I don’t know. I did my own little test and took the necklace off for a week. I think he was a little fussier during that time and seemed to calm down after I put it back on him. I do know that he has no problem wearing the necklace. It has never caused him discomfort or pain and perhaps it has even brought him relief.  I would recommend anyone give it a try.  It makes me feel better to think that it is helping him ease through the rough time of teething. We only have 2 in and lots more to come. With the amber teething necklace perhaps we will slide right through teething and onto potty training.