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A cloth diapering mom using disposable diapers!

Posted by Becca on 10/29/2015 to Cloth vs. Disposables

Disposable diapers in a cloth diaper loving home

Hi, my name is Becca, and I’m about to start using disposable diapers for the “first” time.

I should revise that. I’m not purchasing them or placing them on my child, but I will be using them every day. I am regularly putting them on the child of a friend. And when I say “first,” it’s because I did use them on my siblings when I was younger and I used them on my daughter for a couple of weeks.

Here’s the deal: I’ve taken on some childcare in my home. Much to my dismay, it occurred to me that this means taking on disposable diapering as well. I am not afraid to admit to you that besides really hating disposable diapers, I’m a disposable novice. I was helping out with diapers in the church nursery and I honestly didn’t know which was the back and which was the front of the one baby’s diaper. I had to flip that smelly piece of plastic and paper around 2 or 3 times before I finally knew which way to fasten it. So far, I go through that every time I try to use disposables. I turn it around and around for a few times trying to feel for those tabs and I can’t see them or feel them very well. The front and back of a cloth diaper is so much more evident. Cloth is just easier for me! When I use disposable diapers I also tend to fold the Velcro back to the laundry tab before remembering that they’re used to roll and close a soiled diaper.

So I don’t know how to use disposable diapers very well. Yet. The other thing is that I don’t have a diaper pail in my home. Well, that’s a lie. I have a 6 year old , barely used diaper Genie gathering dust in my basement. It was a shower gift for my daughter but we only used it as long as we used disposable diapers, which wasn’t very long. I could bring it up but I refuse to have one more, large baby item taking up space in my house. I’m selling it at a yard sale as soon as I get the chance.

I considered just cloth diapering any diapered babies that I end up watching. I got permission from the first parent whose baby I take care of. But then, that’s a lot of extra laundry to do at a time when I will also be increasing diaper changes. I almost considered asking parents to please switch to cloth diapers for me, but that’s not really fair, is it? Using cloth diapers is definitely a bit more mainstream than it used to be, but I’ve found that if people are using disposables these days, it’s because they’ve weighed the options —cloth included—and have chosen disposables for good reasons.

So (sigh), disposable diapers it is. I have a big box of them stored in my house and a bunch empty grocery bags stuffed behind my cloth diaper pail. When my little charge uses a diaper, it goes into the bag and I send them home with her Mommy. If I forget to give it to her, I just tie up the bag and put it in my kitchen trash. When I run out of diapers, I’ll let her know and she’ll replenish the stash for me. Since I have permission to use cloth diapers on the child, I probably will one day, especially when she gets serious about potty training. Cloth diapers may not help my son potty train because he is used to how they feel, but they may help a disposable diapered child train more quickly! We’ll see. I’ll have to get back to you on that one.