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A closer look at Gro Via's Hybrid Cloth Diaper System

Posted by Julie on 12/29/2012 to Cloth Diaper Reviews
Take a closer look at Gro Via's Hybrid Cloth Diapering system, how it works and what makes it unique!

Read all about the Gro Via System in today's post!

How does Gro Via work?

Gro Via's system is considered a Hyrbid cloth diaper because of it's versatility.

The Shell
Use the innovative Gro Via Shell, technically a "cover" with either a cloth insert that is reusable or with a Bio Insert which is disposable and biodegradable.

The GroVia System is designed so that the outer shells may be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh one or stick in a new bio soaker and you are ready to go. If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change. When your GroVia Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia Shell.

The Bio Soakers
The GroVia BioSoakers come in 20 and 50 ct. boxes and offer an all-natural, biodegradable and compostable alternative that won't break the bank and is easier on the environment than standard disposable diapers.

Soft against baby's skin, the GroVia BioSoakers are made from certified natural, 100% Ingeo spunbound non-woven fabric with an inner core of biodegradable wood pulp fibers. Only 3 grams of SAP (Sodium Polyacrylate) gel is used in these soaker pads, as opposed to the 10-20 grams you will find in other disposable diaper products.

Constructed with true leg gussets, GroVia BioSoakers keep messes in where they belong!

The Gro Via Snap In Soakers
These TPU backed, 6-layer elasticized snap-in soakers are an unbleached (dioxin free), natural color; sewn from certified organic cotton fabric they are designed specifically for the GroVia One Size Diaper System. GroVia Snap-In Soakers, coupled with the GroVia Booster make up the absorbent portion of the GroVia One-Size Diaper System.

The Gro Via System is perfect for families who love cloth but need the convenience of a disposable diaper insert for travel, daycare, babysitters and more!

Try the Gro Via System to save time and money!

Watch this great Youtube Demo below and get an even closer look at just how easy to use the Gro Via Hybrid Diaper is!