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A Possible Solution for Night Time Pants that Stay Dry?

Posted by CDB Guest on 3/8/2010 to Night Time Diapering

We've shelled out a lot of money in the last year or two buying disposable Goodnites pants for night time diapering. I've always felt terrible-because first, we're wasting so much money, and second, all those disposables are going into the landfill!

I know there has to be a better way, but we have tried other cloth potty training pants and nothing has stayed dry through the night.

One of my children is a heavy night bed-wetter. There has never been a dry night with this one. Tears have been shed and we've tried limiting water intake, waking up to go potty, etc…nothing has worked yet. This one's body just isn't ready. So, in an effort to let nature catch up, we've used the disposable pants (the only thing that would keep the bed dry).

The good news is I think I may have finally found something reusable that may work through the night. I've tried it the last two nights and this system is working! I purchased some Potty Scotty Night Time Training Pants.

My child is 5 1/2 years old and I still needed the size 4-6 (even those are roomy). The sizing seems to run big on their chart. They have side-snaps, which are not necessary for a child of this age, but they're there. They have a nice waterproof exterior that doesn't "crinkle" when my child moves; this might make a child feel more like they are wearing underwear, but I think they're too bulky for that comparison.

Inside the training pants is a soft micro terry and a more "substantial" middle section for absorbency.

Though these are meant to be changed after one "accident", this just isn't realistic for a child that wets the bed. When the body isn't ready to stop wetting, it just isn't ready. We need pants that will last the entire night.

The pant alone won't make for a completely dry night, but stuffing it with a large Diaper Rite Prefold as well as a Flip Diaper Insert has worked for us.

Admittedly all the stuffing makes for a very bulky fit…a super bulky fit. STILL, it works and lasts the entire night-about 12 hours.

I intend to experiment with the Potty Scotty Night Time Training Pants and two Flip Diaper Inserts and see if that holds; surely it will make for a trimmer fit.

As I experiment with different options I will report back with my findings. Anyone else out there that has found a suitable night time diapering pant system for bed wetters?