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A Lesson I Learned

Posted by CDB Guest on 11/29/2011 to Night Time Diapering

Having a baby brings a whole new world. A person learns a ton of things they had no idea about before the baby came. Sure, you can read all the books in the world and think you have a good grasp on what having a baby will be like. But actually having a baby is a completely different experience than what a person can only read about. Books do not tell you about the unexpected moments, or the "accidents" you should be prepared for.

Before I had a baby, I had no idea what a "blowout" meant. I thought it was where your tire on your car when flat while driving. HA!! A blow out is a completely innocent, absolutely disgusting thing! I'm sure you parents know what I am talking about. The moment where your baby is covered in poo because there was simply too much for the diaper to hold it all in. That is the disgusting part. The innocent part is where your adorable little baby is covered in poo, smiling at you so lovingly, not knowing they are a complete mess.

One thing I have learned (and will never forget) was a very vivid lesson in the middle of the night. My baby, nine months old at the time, was sleeping through the night and had been for several months. I like my sleep too. So, one night she woke up crying, which she rarely did. I went in to see what the problem was and my poor baby was soaked! Her onesey was wet almost up to her arms! I had to take her clothes off and change her diaper. I, of course, wouldn't leave her in a wet diaper until the morning. I was also really tired and did not want to go downstairs to the laundry room to get another diaper.

Instead, in my brilliant sleepy state, I thought it would be ok to use a prefold and put training pants over it, to use them as a diaper cover. Needless to say, it was a good idea at 3am when I did it. Later, I learned that they put snaps and aplix on diapers for a reason! The next morning when I went to change my daughter, there was poo all over and the most wonderful part was I had to pull the training pants down and in the process got poo all over her legs as well. Being a squirmy baby, the poo did not just stay on her legs, she got it everywhere! All over her hands, the changing area, even her clean clothes that were next to her. This was the moment I wished I had more than just two hands. I tried to clean her and the area as fast as possible. The good thing is that I did learn from that one lazy night, I will never do that again! Now, I keep my prefolds and covers and a spare All in One diaper in her room, by her bed, just in case of another middle-of-the-night accident.