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A Clean Agenda from Dirty Deeds

Posted by CDB Guest on 12/9/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

Guy Quenneville of the Northern News Service published an interesting article, Dirty Deeds offers Clean Agenda, about Elsbeth Fielding and her new cloth diaper service, Dirty Deeds Diaper Service. The business now a year old, Fielding supplies new mothers with cloth diapers on a weekly basis.

Wanting to cut down on waste this one woman show decided the landfills were already full enough - she simply did not want to keep adding more.

In addition to running her diaper service, she stays at home with her 2 year old son and provides daycare services for two other toddlers.

How does she wash her diapers?

Fielding uses three high-end home model washing machines she purchased at Sears and two dryers to wash an average of 50 to 90 cloth diapers a week.

"They do a pre-rinse, and then a wash, and then another rise, and then they go through a steam treat - they go to the really high temperature - and then they do a double rinse."

Her first rule of thumb is not to mix her client's diapers - she wanted to make sure her customers' diapers didn't get mixed in and washed with other customer's cloth diapers. Currently serving 7 customers, she has enough diapers for 25 and hopes to grow!

Quenneville reported that "Fielding recently won the Environmental Business of the Year Award from the Akaitcho Business Development Corporation." Two of her cloth diaper service customers accepted the award on her behalf as she was out of town.