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5 Tips for Cloth Diapering at Night

Posted by CDB Guest on 10/1/2009 to Night Time Diapering

Using cloth diapers at night is basically the same as cloth diapering in the day, but with the need for added absorbency. Think about it. Babies don't pee more at night than in the day, they are just in an unchanged diaper for a longer period of time as the family sleeps. Finding a night time cloth diaper system is about fine-tuning the additional absorption your baby needs during that longer period of time.

There are several ways to add absorbency to your night time cloth diapers; here are a few suggestions:

#1. Use pocket diapers. Pocket Diapers like the Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diaper, bumGenius! 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper, Happy Heiny's One Size Pocket Diaper, and the Rumparooz One Size Pocket Diaper allow parents to tailor the level of absorbency stuffed into the pocket of the diaper. Baby feels dry through the night because the inner fabric wicks moisture away from baby's skin into the absorbent insert, doubler, or prefold stuffed into the pocket.

#2. Try Joey Bunz If you are looking for a highly absorbent doubler for your pocket diapers, or prefer fitted or prefold diapers and need to lay-in some extra absorbency, try Joey Bunz. Babykicks designed their Joey Bunz to be trim, absorbent and easy to use since there is no folding. They are gently contoured in an hourglass shape to be comfortable without bulking up in between baby's legs.

#3. Need to watch your wallet? Try the 100% cotton, Diaper Rite™ Prefolds and double diaper(yes, you read right - you CAN use two diapers at one time). Yes, it is bulkier, but it is an economical diapering choice and will keep baby dry. Because of the additional thickness you will need to couple this with a pull on diaper cover like Bummis Whisper Pant or a more natural alternative, like the Aristocrats Wool Soaker.

#4. Try a wool diaper cover. We mentioned one choice above, but there are many wool diaper covers available. Untreated wool actually absorbs more than one third of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet. PERFECT for night time cloth diapering!

#5. Stay Dry Diaper Doublers combine additional absorbency with one layer of fleece that sits next to the baby's skin. The fleece aids in keeping wetness away from baby's skin and the terrycloth absorbs extra liquids for longer diaper durations or heavy wetters.

If you still have questions about what cloth diapers to purchase for your baby's night time cloth diapering needs please ask them in the comments below!



Amanda Hayes
Date: 8/25/2013
Last night was the first night we've gone 12 hours without a diaper change. I used a prefold, trifolded with a doubler inside then laid a stay dry liner in top, my little guy was dry this morning! The prefold wasn't but we didn't have any leaks! I'm brand new at CDing and used to have to change his disposable at was so nice not having to get up and change his cloth!!!
Sharon Doyle
Date: 11/29/2013
We have found a few solutions for nighttime diapering the Kawaii heavywetter pocket diapers stuffed with a hemp doubler and mf insert. We have also used a preload and flat inside a best bottom insert.
Cassandra deNevers
Date: 6/4/2014
Thanks for the info. I've been afraid to try wool, it seems so weird that its the cover, i'd think it would leak. But maybe I'll give it a go.

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