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24 Hours of Cloth

Posted by CDB Guest on 1/19/2011 to Getting Started

When I started looking in to cloth diapering, I assumed you were supposed to pick one brand/style and use it for every diaper change, all day, all night. I thought it would be so complicated and confusing to have different brands and styles, different covers, inserts, materials, etc. I quickly learned that each style of diaper has its pros and cons, and that an entire stash made out of one style may not function as well as a diverse one.

My husband and I liked the idea of the hybrid diapers for day time use, both at home and out and about. We tried Gdiapers, but didn’t get a good fit on our son. Then we bought some GroVias and we were in love! AI2’s allow you to use one diaper shell for multiple diaper changes, until it gets soiled. You simply snap out the used soaker and snap in a new one! GroVia also makes a great disposable insert (their bio-soaker) that is built like a disposable diaper, only it is bio-degradable.

We use the AI2/Hybrid diapers as our daytime and on-the-go diaper. When we leave the house we can pack a number of soakers and a few shells, saving us space in our diaper bag. On the days that we really want to save space or make the trip a little easier, we will bring the bio-soakers.

The one place our GroVia’s fall short is during nap time. For awhile my son liked to nap on his side, and he had a talent for peeing right out the side of his GroVia! He’d always wake up when it happened, ending the nap and creating an unnecessary wardrobe change. This didn’t happen every time, but often enough that I looked into another style of cloth diaper; the All-in-One.

I bought some size medium bottombumpers to try out, and they are great! AIO’s have a layer or two of absorbent material lining the shell, so the entire diaper is absorbent. This was the missing ingredient for my son’s naps! AIOs take extra time to dry, and will take up a little more space in your diaper bag.

The last part of our day that needed the perfect diaper was night time. My son is a heavy wetter, and he seems to pee constantly. Finding the right night time diaper took a little more work than the day time or nap time diapers. When he was a newborn he would get a diaper change every couple hours in the night when he woke for feedings, but eventually he stopped waking so frequently. Continuing to change him at least once during the night seemed to be more trouble (for both of us!) than it was worth. I then started searching for the solution, and found it in fitteds and wool covers. We are currently loving our Sustainablebabyish snapless multi fitteds. A fitted diaper is all over, 100% absorbent coverage. The shell of the diaper is absorbent, and there will be soakers that lay in for more absorbency. This is the perfect choice for night time, as every inch of this diaper will hold urine. These fitteds need pins or snappis. Being a bit timid about pins, I bought some snappis and love them! They are so easy and safe.

Fitteds can be used without a cover, but only for a short period of time. Fleece and PUL covers are available, but I needed something heavy, something stout, something that could hold its own against a heavy wetter going all night. I needed WOOL! This is one area that I just decided to go big. I did some research and decided on the Aristocrats Wool Soaker. Wool acts to push the urine back into the diaper, but it will also absorb urine when needed. In the morning I simply take the soaker off and hang it to dry, as long as there is no poo on it. If it doesn’t get soiled it won’t need washing for weeks! Amazing stuff.

If I hadn’t been willing to try other styles, I probably would have given up on cloth. Now I can’t wait to try other brands and styles of diapers!

Do you use just one system or do you have various diapers in your stash?