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1,000 Sign Tax Break Petition for Cloth Diaper Users

Posted by Bryana on 12/16/2009 to Cloth Diaper News

Nichole McLeod and Julie Adamson of Happy Nappy Diaper Service serving customers from North Vancouver to Chilliwack, are committed to cloth diapers; they think the government should be as well. These two entrepreneurs are lobbying the federal government to give a tax break for families using cloth diapers. The want this tax credit to include both families who use a cloth diaper service or those that wash them at home.

According to Philip Raphael of the South Delta Leader, "The two came up with the idea for a petition earlier this year and have already received about 1,000 signatures from people across the country…they hope to collect about another 3,000 names and send them to the House of Commons in Ottawa."

You can download a petition form at Happy Nappy.

Both McLeod and Adamson believe that apart from the tax credit for using cloth diapers, the disposable diaper industry should be "subject to an environmental fee."

Her justification for such a fee? "Consumers already pay an additional sum for recyclable items such as motor oil and car tires…so why are disposable diapers exempt when hundreds of thousands end up in landfills each year?"

To read more, read Clean Credit by Philip Raphael.