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10 Things You Shouldn't Say To a Cloth Diapering Mom (or Dad)

Posted by Valerie on 9/25/2014 to Cloth Diaper Humor

A little #clothdiaperhumor

The decision to cloth diaper is often met with a questioning stare and an air of skepticism. CD outsiders may not always understand our reasons to cloth diaper...and they certainly do not understand our love affair with fluff (Jules anyone?). Some families are lucky to be embraced by a natural parenting community, while others face a virtual firing squad questioning, of all things, their diapering choices. Here is our list of the 10 things you shouldn't say to a cloth diapering mom (or dad):

  1. How are those cloth diapers working out for you?
    We’ve all gotten this line--usually accompanied by a smirk or a scarcastic tone. Seriously, nobody ever says, “So how about those sposies?” If you are really concerned, ask nicely, “Are you enjoying cloth diapering?” or maybe, “What is your favorite style of cloth diaper?” Most cloth diapering moms are passionate about their diapers and will talk about it when given the opportunity, just approach them with an open mind and a kind smile.

  2. Your baby will be bowlegged/get hip dysplasia from cloth diapers.
    False. Totally false. Babies are born with bow legs because their legs are folded in their mother’s womb.1 It is absolutely normal for a baby to have bowed legs.2 Hip dysplasia is generally attributed to genentic factors, but can be accelerated by forced or sustained passive hip extension. Hip flexion and abduction encourage healthy position and development of the hips,3 and these types of positions are actually aided by the bulk of cloth diapers. Also, if this myth were true, all of our ancestors would have problems walking.

  3. Your baby will roll over/crawl/walk late.
    There is no truth to this, nor are there any studies proving or disproving this. I can tell you from my personal experience that I know babies in cloth diapers that walked at 6 months, and some that walked at 13 months. There is a wide range of normal. Also, since when did moms want their babies to be mobile—that just means more messes they can make!

  4. You'll stick the baby with a pin.
    HAHA! The joke's on you. Most of us don’t use pins anymore. Diapers use a variety of closures, such as snaps and hook & loop. Cloth diapers have become way more convenient and easier to use.

  5. Why would you want to do all that work? Disposables are so convenient.
    Since when is pushing buttons on your washing machine hard work? I find it takes much more effort to take out the trash. And convenient? There is nothing convenient about putting on your bra, brushing your hair, and wrangling a toddler to run to the store if you are almost out of diapers.

  6. Why would you want to put your hands in the toilet? Ewwwe.
    I don’t want to put my hands in the toilet. Who told you I put my hands in the toilet? There are diaper sprayers and disposable liners that can help clean up the poop.

  7. You won’t stick with it.
    Seriously? Challenge accepted. Also, way to knock a new mom down. Moms should be encouraged—NEVER EVER make a new mom question her parenting choices. That is just mean. Always, ALWAYS build her up!

  8. What are you, a hippie now? What's next? Hairy legs and armpits?
    So what if I am? Hippies are peaceful people. Also, being kind to the earth is a GOOD THING. I still shave…but watch out, because it is almost NOSHAVEMBER, and then I cannot be responsible for what happens.

  9. Those diapers make your baby’s butt look so big.
    That’s your concern? My baby’s butt looks big? And that upsets you? Well, for one, that’s silly. Two, padded bums are perfect as little ones explore the world—a little cushion is good for the tailbone. Also, haven’t you heard? Big butts are totally in right now. Duh.

  10. Can I buy you some disposable diapers?
    No. Please don’t. This is my baby and I choose to use cloth diapers. I WANT to use cloth diapers. Now, if we are traveling or if somebody is ill, I might take you up on that offer. But I’ve researched my options and I know what I’m doing. My baby might be young, but I’ve got mama instincts. I appreciate your concerns, but I’ve got this.

Do you have anything to add to our list? Have you personally heard any of these comments, which ones?