Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper
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Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper

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One diaper featuring EVERYTHING you love about Thirsties! Adjustable fit, leg gussets, hemp/micro inserts, front and back pocket opening = true love!

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Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper

Try Cloth diapers - Test Drive Cloth Diapers and Thirsties Diapers! - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Tall, short, slim or chunky, your baby's bum is covered when you use the NEW Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper!  Same great quality and design you've grown to love and expect from Thirsties but presented in a cloth diaper that will fit baby from 8lbs through 40lbs!

Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper Features:

Ultra-absorbent inserts that snap together for ease of use provide baby with 8-layers of absorbency, perfect coverage for day or nighttime use. Three layers of microfiber and five layers of extra thirsty hemp create a comfortable, trim fit.  Generously sized front and back pocket openings make this diaper easy to stuff and effortless to wash. What are the benefits of front and back pocket openings? The inserts don't have to be removed before laundering, they agitate out during the wash cycle!

Thirsties signature leg gussets and choice of snap or aplix closure make this diaper a favorite for dads, daycare and general everyday use.

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Thirsties One Size Pocket Diaper Sizing
One Size: 8-40 lbs (4-18 kg), 0-36 months


As if all the fine features of the Thirsties Pocket Diaper One aren't enough, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Buy Blueberry diapers, try them on baby, use them, wash them, and use them again. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled with it, return them for a full refund (minus applicable shipping charges). It is that simple!


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  • Fin - SNAP

  • Honeydew

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
1 day use this far with my 3 week old
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Sandpoint, ID. on 2/6/2015
So, thus far my boy is 3 weeks old and just tipping the scales back up over 8lbs, his birthweight, and the starting weight in which these diapers are usable. *before going over pros and cons I did want to mention we've only used the diapers 1day Pros: -they do successfully agitate out of the pocket on their own in the wash cycle -following the care instructions for wash cycle the diaper comes out perfectly clean as before even after blow outs - in comparison to the disposable newborn diapers we were using beforehand this diaper has superior absorbancy with no leakage even with blow outs (I can only speak for newborn boy) -great fit around tummy and legs to prevent leakage Cons: - although this one size fits all diaper does fit on my newborn it is so bulky for his size that the crotch of the diaper is almost down to his knees even on the tightest snap rise leaving his legs in a permanent bow legged position. This looks so uncomfortable and and you can hardly zip or button up his newborn onsies and his 0-3 months cloths would be to big everywhere else except his bum. Since I do love this product otherwise and the idea of cloth diapering is so important to us I will also be purchasing thirties duo wrap cover in size 1 with hopes that this will be a better fit for newborns and I already have the inserts for the pocket diaper so it's cheaper than the newborn all in one option. In hindsight I most definitely think you need some sort of newborn start either the duo wrap cover or newborn all in one etc and another option afterwards. It may be more money up front but still save you $ in the long run instead of disposables especially if you plan on using the cloth diaper for more than 1 round of babies like me or selling them after.
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 2/4/2015
These are great for dads and grandmas! Aplix is very durable. Only thing I don't like is my son is 13lbs long and skinny three month old and they are still a little much for him but when we do use them they hold everything in so that is awesome
5 Stars
Making this my new stash!
Reviewed by:  from Marlborough, MA. on 1/15/2015
I had some newborn Thirsties covers and liked them. As it was time to build my OS stash I thought I would try their pockets. These are going to now make up at least 90% of my stash. I love them! My favorite part is that it's really a sleeve, so no more pulling the pee and poo covered insert out. The insert wiggles itself out in the wash. I also love the double gussets, no matter what DD puts out, it holds it.
5 Stars
Generous pocket for long lean babies
Reviewed by:  from Midwest. on 12/9/2014
I've tried a lot of different pockets, and this is my favorite. My baby is long and lean. This is the only pocket I've found that fits her well and has a pocket that is generous enough to stuff with whatever I want. It's a particularly good overnight pocket because I stuff with a cotton prefold and a hemp fleece prefold and there's still plenty of room to add more. Very easy to stuff. During the day I usually stuff with a hemp or cotton prefold or flat, but the microfiber and hemp inserts that are included work well too. I haven't had a leak yet either way.
5 Stars
Good Diaper
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Hawaii. on 8/31/2014
We use these as overnight diapers for my 15 lbs. 3 month old. The double gussets have prevented any blowouts. I really like the fact that it has a hemp insert which holds a lot. Because the insert is hemp the diaper is less bulky than others. However, I'm not sure that this diaper would fit at 40 lbs. Maybe on a skinny baby. I also wish it had elastic in the front like Thirsties Duo Wraps do.
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