Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover
Thirsties Duo Cover - Melon Party
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Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover

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The Two Sizes of Thirsties Duo Wrap will truly fit a 6 lb. newborn all the way to a 40 lb. toddler. Because of the adjustable rise snap settings, each size can adjust up to three sizes!

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Thirsties Duo Wraps - Two Size Cloth Diaper Covers for Longer Wear!

Thirsties Duo Wraps are diaper covers designed to fit babies from birth through the potty training years with their perfect two-size diaper cover system.

After extensive research, development and testing, Thirsties concluded a one-size diaper cover would not be the most affordable option for parents of diaper-aged children.

Not wanting their diaper cover to be too big on an average newborn or too small for a toddler over 2 years of age, they threw out their prototypes for a one-size diaper cover, added an adjustable rise, and created the Thirsties Duo Wrap instead.

Trim Fitting Leak-Proof Coverage

Trim fitting Thirsties covers are a smart selection for families using prefold diapers. Folded and wrapped around baby or trifolded and laid into the diaper cover, Thirsties Duo Wraps' leg gussets provide the leak-proof coverage and protection needed. The super-soft leg bindings are an added benefit against baby's sensitive skin.

Thirsties Duo Wraps are also recommended in combination with Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers or any trim fitted diaper. For night-time diapering or bulkier fitted diapers, the Thirsties Diaper Cover is designed for a roomier fit.

Baby's delicate skin needs a breathable, yet waterproof diaper wrap!

Thirsties Duo Wraps may be lighter on the budget, but they didn't cut out any of their great features to get there! Completely waterproof, Thirsties Duo Wraps are still breathable, pliable, and comfortable for baby. Secured around baby's waist with durable hook and loop closures, diaper changes are easier and baby gets a comfortably snug fit every time.

Aplix or Snap Closures Easily Adjust to Fit Baby!

The fold-over laundry tabs found on the Thirsties Duo Wraps with Aplix closures protect any other diapers or covers in the wash, as well as guard against the hook and loop closures gathering up lint. Three rows of snaps in the rise allow the perfect adjustability to conform the diaper cover to your baby's shape. The snap setting creates the option for three different fits/sizes in one diaper cover.

Though many diaper covers boast coverage on certain "size" babies, Thirsties Duo Wraps can honestly say they can cover tall to short and thin to chunky babies because of their innovative adjustable rise and snap settings and their two-size diaper cover system!

Thirsties Duo Wraps grow with your baby!

Sizing up Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers

Selecting the right size cloth diaper cover is an important if you want to secure against leaks. If the diaper cover is too large there may be gaps at the thigh and waist where unwanted leaks can occur. The Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Covers are available in the following sizes:

  • Size One - 6-18 lbs (3-8 kg) 0-9 months
  • Size Two - 18-40 lbs (8-18 kg) 9-36+ months


Thirsties Duo Wraps are USA-made by skilled woman, many of whom work from home. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Thirsties uses only the best of USA-sourced components in their diapers and diaper covers. They support domestic textile mills and carefully consider all the fabrics to ensure your purchase LASTS!


  • Adventure Trail - Aplix

  • Alice Brights - Aplix

  • Aspen Grove - Aplix

  • Aqua - Aplix

  • Birdie - Aplix

  • Blackbird - Aplix

  • Cactus Garden - Aplix

  • Fallen Leaves - Aplix

  • Fin - Aplix

  • Happy Camper - Aplix

  • Hoot - Aplix

  • Iris - Aplix

  • Meadow - Aplix

  • Melon Party - Aplix

  • Midnight Blue - Aplix

  • Moss - Aplix

  • Mountain Bike - Aplix

  • Mountain Range - Aplix

  • White - Aplix

  • Woodland - Aplix

  • Adventure Trail - Snap

  • Alice Brights - Snap

  • Aspen Grove - Snap

  • Aqua - Snap

  • Birdie - Snap

  • Blackbird - Snap

  • Cactus Garden - Snap

  • Fallen Leaves - Snap

  • Fin - Snap

  • Happy Camper - Snap

  • Hoot - Snap

  • Iris - Snap

  • Meadow - Snap

  • Melon Party - Snap

  • Midnight Blue - Snap

  • Moss - Snap

  • Mountain Bike - Snap

  • Mountain Range - Snap

  • White - Snap

  • Woodland - Snap


Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Covers wrap around baby's cloth diaper securing a leak-free, yet comfortable cloth diapering experience for babies and their caregivers. Now with NEW & IMPROVED hook & loop closure!
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Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert
Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert
Thirsties Stay Dry Duo Insert is affordable absorbency! Easy to use, clean and quick to dry, the fleece-topped insert absorbs moisture away from baby's skin while remaining nice and trim!
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Thirsties size 2
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Methuen, MA. on 12/2/2016
I have nothing but good things to say about this cover. It fits comfortably with room to spare on my almost 4 year old. He's 40lbs and 42in tall! I use this over night with a smart bottoms hemp preform and a thirsties cotton doubler. No red marks and he says it's comfortable. I was happy to find a less expensive way to diaper him overnight since he is otherwise fully trained.
2 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Colorado. on 12/2/2016
There are pros and cons of these covers are pretty equally balanced i would say. I got a stash of covers when my chubby toddler outgrew Best Bottoms (which are literally the best.). PROs: Such cute prints! Very trim, large enough for my chubby toddler, wide enough in the crotch to hold a big diaper. CONs: Very thin and flimsy--very wet diapers, like those that can occur during a long naptime, often soak straight through the PUL. Not cool, guys. The elastic in the extra leg gusset blew out super quickly in all my Thirsties. And that gusset is pretty necessary. The little folded-over flap of PUL on the front in the inside soaks urine and doesn't make the interior fully wipeable, which is what I expect from a hybrid cover. And. It can, and does, catch the rinse water and... ahem... debris... from rinsing a #2 diaper. Also not cool. One more trifle: the snaps for the rose seem a little...slippery? They pop open easily while wrangling the diaper on. It's more annoying than anything though. If Thirsties could manage sturdier construction--2 layers of PUL, extra strong elastic, quality snaps, fully wipeable interior--they'd gain those other 3 stars. Cute prints alone don't get the job done.
5 Stars
Trim Fit. Super Cute Prints. Snaps Preferred!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Piney Woods of TX. on 10/8/2016
I love how the snaps on the wing are laid-out horizontally, instead of one atop the other like other styles. It makes for a trimmer fit at the waist. I have one Aplix wrap, and my others are snaps; I prefer the snaps because I feel I can get a consistent fit every time. My baby is now 10 weeks old and weighs 13 lbs., and the Size 1 fits perfectly. Plus, based on the room we have for growth, I truly do believe my daughter will be able to wear this cover into her 9th month. The gussets work well, but I would prefer if they had a bit more coverage (deeper? higher? something?). Though, I wouldn't say it is a big enough deal (or happens frequently enough) to affect my rating. Love the prints. We have the Aqua, Aspen Grove, Woodland & Sand Dollar. I plan to purchase Size 2 when my daughter outgrows these.
2 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Medford, Oregon. on 9/29/2016
I had high hopes for this diaper cover. My twins are heavy wetters. The outside of this diaper was soaking wet in just over an hour. It was not a great match for us. We have better luck with other diaper covers.
4 Stars
Really Liking
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Pennsylvania. on 9/22/2016
We were looking for a cheaper alternative for our nighttime solution. Upon opening I wasn't overly excited, I thought the pul felt thin. I was shocked the following morning when my daughter woke up without any dampness leaking through. We have since ordered a few more and am still happy. My only complaint is that the snaps come so far down that you cant fit a prefold or a pad folded flat under the snaps, I haven't had any leak though!!!
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