Super Undies

Super Undies to the Rescue!

Potty training can be a frustrating time for some families. Super Undies makes the transition to potty fun and easy. These trainers look just like big kind underpants, letting your little hero take control of potty training--that's a potty super power! Quality materials and durable construction mean mom and dad can rely on Super Undies.

Super Undies Pull-On and Snap-On trainers are waterproof through the wetzone, keeping clothes dry. Stretchy side panels make them easy-up and easy-down, giving your child confidence. Pass-through pockets allow you to add absorbency as needed. Super Undies are made so your child will feel wet and understand the natural consequences of an accident.

Nighttime training can take longer than day training as your child learns to understand their body and wake up when there is an urge to eliminate. Super Undies Bedwetting Pants are easy to pull up and down, but have added absorbency to accommodate larger nighttime accidents. Fleece at the leg and waist openings prevent wicking and keep pajamas and sheets dry!

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