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Super Undies Bedwetting Pants Super Undies Bedwetting Pants
Super Undies Bedwetting Pants are nighttime underwear designed to ensure your little super hero wakes up with dry sheets!
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Super Undies Step-Up Insert Super Undies Step-Up Insert
Easily add absorbency to your trainers with Super Undies Step-Up Inserts! Now available in your choice of microfiber or cotton.
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Customer Reviews
Love Super Undies 12/1/2014
Reviewed by: Amanda Tutt from Hawaii
I purchased these for our 4 year old for night time use-- we are working towards night training and wanted something easy for him to pull-up and on, and that we could add some absorbency for those night-time accidents. These are perfect for us, we wake him up once to take him and with the step-up insert these do a great job holding a decent amount of night-wetting. He loves that they look like underwear (although the snaps in the back make it look a little awkward, but are great for when he is wet in the middle of the night.
I LOVE THESE 8/25/2013
Reviewed by: Lesley Thacker from Kirksville MO
I was looking for something like the old-style plastic pants to put over my toddler twins' underwear when we were going out. I had been using disposable pull ups, but the kids just used them like diapers. I now just snap the superundies on over the underwear if we're going out, or just use them alone. I love them. Can't wait to get more.
Mom to 2 little ones 8/8/2013
Reviewed by: Shannon Stubbs from Zimmerman, MN
The super undies worked great for my daughter. We used them mainly when we would be leaving the house b/c they held more if she had an accident. Plus, the snap off was great if she pooped.