Kanga Care Microchamois Washable Liners
Rumparooz washable diaper liners

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Kanga Care Microchamois Washable Liners

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We recommend using a liner with ALL DIAPER CREAMS, even those that say they are "cloth diaper safe."

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Protect your cloth diapers while using diaper rash cream!

Use these diaper liners by Rumparooz any time you find the need to use either ANY creams when using cloth diapers. It is important that diaper creams do not come in direct contact with the inner fabric of the diaper itself. This can cause the fibers to become coated in a substance that will affect the absorbency by causing the diapers to repel moisture.

Rumparooz Diaper Liner Features:

  • Perfectly designed for the the Rump-a-rooz. The liner fits between the inner gussets and does not compromise the function of the inner gussets critical feature.
  • Made from the same inner material as the Rump-a-rooz and the Lil Joeys newborn all in one diapers. No-Pill, 100% hypo-allergenic microchamois.
  • 12.5" long, 3.5" wide. Fits perfectly between the inner gussets of the Rumparooz.

Kanga Care liners will also work in the Lil Joeys if you are concerned about those first couple days of meconium. They are a little longer then the Lil Joey so just fold the liner down at one end and position it evenly into the diaper.

Liner should be used TAG SIDE DOWN. This will allow the "right" side of the no-pill microchamois to lay against your baby's skin.

Packaged 10 per pack.


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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
the ONLY hypoallergenic stay dry-thankful they exist!
Reviewed by:  from Alaska . on 1/15/2015
REALLY wish they were wider but they do the trick!. Our son is allergic to all stay dry polyester except this one! If their pockets didn't fit so much smaller or leak on us I'd have a bunch!
1 Stars
Too expensive, small, narrow, thin, and feel wet.
Reviewed by:  from UT. on 7/10/2013
These are very small, narrow, and thin. On smaller diapers they can work assuming that your babies entire bottom isn't red. I've tried laying 2 side by side but they tend to bunch and this material feels wet way sooner than other stay dry materials. You can also buy this exact material for less than $10 per yard on amazon but it isn't very effective as a stay dry. I'm sure they work in the lil joey's but I don't have any to know for sure. We use them only for the occasional rash, again, assuming it is a small one as it doesn't cover much of the diaper on non newborns.
5 Stars
Love these :)
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 11/23/2012
was hesitant to try these bc reviews were not great.... Glad that i did because they fit Perfectly in the Grovia AIO and AI2s i have :) and keep baby super dry feeling.... IF you are planning to use these in other cd however they would definately be too narrow so i would go with a diff liner.
1 Stars
Don't waste your money.
Reviewed by:  from Iowa. on 5/22/2012
I have all but thrown these away. The liners are very thin and extremely narrow. I would assume that they are great for the Little Joeys but are worthless for the os. They tend to bunch up and do not stay in place, plus they are just too narrow for good coverage. Also this is not something that works at all with other brands, my problems with fit and bunching were just worse.
3 Stars
Too narrow
Reviewed by:  from Hawaii. on 2/5/2012
These liners are great for newborn diapers. I use them with the lil joeys newborn diapers and it works great. But I feel the price is a bit high. These liners are really thin and too narrow for the one-size diapers.
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