Rockin Green Soap

Rockin Green Soap - Cloth Diaper Detergent, Shake It Up! Pail Freshener & Funk Rock

Rockin' Green, LLC specializes in cloth diaper detergent, as well as fighting the infamous dirty diaper odors from cloth diaper pails, wet bags and totes. Fully aware of the need to cut the stink in diapers, but clearly concerned for the environment, Rockin' Green Soap is specially formulated, without chemicals, to rock your cloth diaper wash!

Rockin' Green Soap is a phosphate free, dye free, and enzyme free cloth diaper detergent, available in three versions and a slew of scents.

The Rockin' Green Shake It Up! Pail Freshener is a perfect complimentary product; available in the same scents as the detergent, it is formulated to cut the stink in your cloth diaper pails, wet bags and cloth diaper totes.

Rockin' Green Soap is HE-friendly; the non-foaming formula means no worries with your HE washer!

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