Planet Wise Wet Bag - Medium
Planet Wise Wet Bags
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Planet Wise Wet Bag - Medium

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Medium Planet Wise Wet Bag is perfect for the diaper bag!

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Planet Wise Wet Bags - Wick Free - Waterproof - Reusable

Planet Wise Wet Bags are reusable diaper totes sewn from quality designer cotton prints, coordinating inner PVC FREE waterproof materials and a lead-free, locking zipper. Made in the USA, these wet bags are 100% wick free and leak free, meaning they will not 'sweat' (become damp to the touch) like other styles of diaper totes. Wet Bags are designed to keep baby's soiled cloth diapers and diaper covers, or any other 'wet' items, sealed away inside your diaper bag until you get home.

Liquid will NOT seep out from Planet Wise Wet Bags!

Many waterproof totes are not waterproof at all - they are water resistant; this is hardly helpful when storing a particularly messy diaper on an errand outside of the home. Planet Wise Wet Bags are 100% WATERPROOF. Each wet bag is sewn with hidden seams, innovatively sealed, so that no liquid can escape. This means you could literally pour water into the wet bag, squeeze hard, and still there would be no leaks! What does this mean for you? Baby's diaper bag will remain fresh and unsoiled while the contents within your Planet Wise Wet Bag is zipped away tightly until you can get them home to deal with them.

These wet bags can go anywhere and can store more than just soiled cloth diapers:

  • Store any wet or soiled items from park or play dates, dirty bibs, used burp cloths, or other accidentals.
  • Take them to the pool for storing bathing suits after changing into dry clothes.
  • Holds wet or muddy shoes without retaining lingering odors.
  • Store your Toddler's training pants during the potty learning months.
  • The small size Wet Bags are perfect for keeping cosmetics in baby's diaper bag - no worries about moisture getting 'in' the bag either!
  • Keep sweaty clothing from gym work-outs from getting on anything else with one of the Large wet bags.

The medium bag is approximately 13"x16".

Avoid Plastic Bags! Protect Our Planet with Reusable Wet Bags!

Planet Wise Wet Bags are PVC Free! PVC is one of the most toxic substances contaminating our planet throughout its lifecycle. A plastic commonly known as 'vinyl', PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is the most environmentally damaging of all plastics. Planet Wise Wet Bags are designed without PVC to further their desire to protect human health and the environment.

Wash and reuse them! Planet Wise Wet Bags are easy to keep fresh. As long as you wash them regularly, these reusable diaper totes will resist most odors and stains. Toss them in your regular wash and dry cycle along with your cloth diapers and diaper covers. As with all cloth diapering products we offer, do NOT wash your wet bags with bleach.


  • Aim

  • Aqua Swirl

  • Art Deco

  • Bumble Dot

  • Camo

  • Carnival Skulls

  • Grey Chevron

  • Jewel Woods

  • Lime Cocoa Bean

  • Midnight Curl

  • Monkey Fun

  • Monster Mash

  • Orange Woods

  • Outer Space

  • Overboard

  • Owl

  • Peacock Plummage

  • Quill

  • Rawr

  • Sly

  • Toadstool

  • Teal Chevron


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from VA Bch. on 3/16/2016
Loved mine so much that I bought one for my sister for her baby shower!
5 Stars
Great wet bags!
Reviewed by:  from MN. on 3/13/2016
These wet bags are as beautiful as they are functional! I love that they take up little space in our diaper bag when empty, but they hold SO much if needed! We haven't had them too long yet, but they seem to be sturdy. I have no doubt they will last a long time for us!
5 Stars
beautiful wet bag
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from St. Louis, MO. on 12/3/2015
I got this bag in peacock plumage and I love it. It's great quality and fits at least 5 diapers. Definitely recommended.
5 Stars
Camo Wet Bag
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 5/15/2015
I just received this in the mail this morning and I have not used it yet and I am already in love with it! Matches perfectly with the Best Bottom camo print diaper cover I bought, which will go nicely with a camo onesie we have for our little girl. I can't wait to see how they look on her.
5 Stars
Great product!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Mississippi. on 9/26/2014
When I started to use cloth diapers everyone recommend planet wise wet bags. They have so many cute prints it's hard to pick which to get. So far I have really enjoyed it. It's made well as washes great. Plus it's super cute. Really a must have and the medium is perfect size.
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