Planet Wise Wet Bag - Large
Planet Wise Wet Bag - Large
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Planet Wise Wet Bag - Large

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Large Planet Wise Wet bag can hold all your cloth diapers and more!

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Planet Wise Wet Bags - Perfect Storage for Cloth Diapers!

When it comes to dirty diaper storage we all want something that will keep the mess and odor contained. Planet Wise Wet Bags are perfect for your home or travel. Each wet bag is sewn with hidden seams, innovatively sealed, so that no liquid can escape. This patent-pending technology also helps contain stink so nobody has to know what is inside your Planet Wise bag.

The Large Planet Wise Wet Bag is approximately 18"x21" and has many uses:

  • Great alternative to a diaper pail.
  • Store dirty laundry--perfect for travel and small living spaces!
  • Hold wet bathing suits and towels from the pool or beach.

PVC-Free Means Safer for You and the Earth!

PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is the most environmentally damaging of all plastics and is detrimental to human health. Planet Wise Wet Bags are PVC-free to protect the health of our families and our planet. These bags also utilize lead-free locking zippers for added safety.

Wash and reuse your Planet Wise Wet Bags and save plastic bags from the landfill! These easy-to-care-for reusable diaper totes are largely stain and odor resistent. Toss them in your regular wash and dry cycle along with your cloth diapers and diaper covers. As with all cloth diapering products, we do not recommend bleach, borax, or similar additives in order to preserve the quality of your wet bag.


  • Carnival Skulls

  • April Flowers

  • Aqua Swirl

  • Art Deco

  • Bumble Dot

  • Butterflies

  • Funky Flowers

  • Keep Swimming

  • Lime Cocoa Bean

  • Meadow Tweet

  • Midnight Curl

  • Monkey Fun

  • Monster Mash

  • Orange Woods

  • Outer Space

  • Owl

  • Camo

  • Grey Chevron

  • Rawr

  • Toadstool

  • Teal Birds

  • Teal Chevron

  • Jewel Woods

  • Peacock Plummage

  • Vintage Vineyard

  • Zippy


Planet Wise HANGING Bag
Planet Wise HANGING Bag
Store clean cloth diapers in your wet bag! That's right, separate pouches seal away soiled cloth diapers from fresh diapers in the Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bags.
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Diaper Rite Hanging Diaper Pail
Diaper Rite Hanging Diaper Pail
Diaper Rite Hanging Diaper Pail is the perfect storage solution until you can wash your dirty diapers
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Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail
Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail
The double-layered Funky Fluff Hanging Diaper Pail easily holds 18-20 diapers.
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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 9/4/2015
Like this bag - I have in the regular size with the front pocket and the large size (for day care). Both have been fabulous and love the print. The zipper on the smaller bag sometimes catches the inside fabric - an easy fix - but annoying when I'm in a rush and only have one hand.
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 7/17/2015
I bought one of these to use on vacation. I was so happy with how the smell was contained!
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Columbia, MO. on 3/5/2015
This wet bag is fantastic! We use BG 4.0's with hemp doublers, and we can easily fit 15 into this bag (more if we really cram it full). Even at its fullest, we've never had problems with leaks or smells.
4 Stars
Cute Pattern
Reviewed by:  from Massachusetts . on 2/23/2015
Love the pattern. Waiting on baby girls arrival to use it. Have used Planet Wise wet bags and the past and have been happy with them. Lasted me about 2 years before breaking down and needing replacement.
5 Stars
Perfect for Daycare!
Reviewed by:  from Washington. on 1/13/2015
This bag is great for daycare because of the easy hang tab. My daycare won't take a bag without one
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