Moraki One Size All In Two Diaper Prints (COPY)
Moraki One Size All In Two Diaper - Elephunk
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Moraki One Size All In Two Diaper Prints (COPY)

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Moraki AI2 can be used as a pocket diaper or all-in-two!

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Moraki AI2 Diapers

Try Cloth diapers - Test Drive Cloth Diapers and Moraki! - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Adjustable.  One Size.  Reusable.

The Moraki Diapers AI2/Pocket Diaper fits babies from 7-40+lbs and can function as both an All-In-Two or a Pocket Diaper.  To use this system as an AI2 simply fold the Fold-to-Fit insert according to your baby's size and needs and lay inside the cover, tucking it securely under the front tummy panel.

Benefits in using the AI2 System? Because the insert was laid within the diaper and not stuffed inside the envelope pocket opening, you may not need to change the cover with each diaper change. If the cover did not get soiled, simply replace the Fold-to-Fit insert with a clean one and reuse until you determine it needs washing.

Benefits in using the Moraki Diaper as a Pocket Diaper System? Generously sized pocket opening allows you to insert the Fold-to-Fit insert, inserts, doublers or prefold of your choice. Customize the absorbency to suit your baby's needs.

100% polyester lining is a stay-dry material keeping baby feeling soft, comfortable and dry to the touch while allowing moisture to wick through into the inserts within the pocket.

*Pocket diapers do need to be replaced and washed after each diaper changed.

Each Moraki Diapers cover includes a 4 layer Fold-to-Fit insert made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Moraki AI2 Diapers Instructions

  1. Adjust rise snaps.
  2. Lay the Fold-To-Fit Insert in the Moraki cover, adjusting the fold to fit feature as needed for added absorbency and appropriate fit.
  3. Fasten diaper to baby using the waist snaps.

Changing:  When baby is wet, replace the wet insert with a dry one.  Interchange between two covers if desired.  When baby is dirty, replace the cover with a clean one.

Additional Perks:  Saves wear and tear on your Moraki cover because you can get more than one diaper change per cover.  You can get by with a smaller stash since you don’t need quite as many covers.  Natural fibers next to baby’s skin.  Saves room in your diaper bag and wet bag.

Moraki AI2 Pocket Diapers Instructions


  1. Adjust rise snaps.
  2. Stuff pocket with insert, adjusting the Fold-To-Fit feature as needed for added absorbency and appropriate fit.
  3. Fasten diaper to baby using the waist snaps.

Changing:  When baby needs a change, remove diaper and replace with a new one.  No need to unstuff pocket; the insert will agitate out in the wash.

Additional Perks:  Stay dry fabric wicks moisture away from baby’s bottom.  Easy for dads and childcare providers.

Moraki Diapers are proudly made in the USA




As if all the fine features of the Moraki All In Two aren't enough, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee! Buy Moraki diapers, try them on baby, use them, wash them, and use them again. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled with it, return them for a full refund (minus applicable shipping charges). It is that simple!


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