Lil Learnerz Training Pants 2 Pack
Rumparooz Lil Learnerz Training Pants
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Lil Learnerz Training Pants 2 Pack

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Lil Learnerz look like big kid underwear and come in multiple fun prints!

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Rumparooz Lil Learnerz Training Pants

Lil Learnerz Potty Training Pants look like big kid underwear and come in multiple fun prints and vibrant color combinations.

Lil Learnerz by the makers of Rumparooz and Kangacare are here to help your toddler hit the next milestone - potty training success! When your little one is ready to leave the diapers behind and move on to big kid undies but still needs help and protection, Lil Learnerz will become that essential aid for confidence and comfort.

Lil Learnerz are made with IMWET TECHNOLOGY™! This innovative fabric feature lets your toddler feel wet when they have had an accident which helps them learn more about their bodily functions and aids in the potty learning process. Lil Learnerz training underwear are breathable and soft with a hypoallergenic layer that rests against your child’s skin. Lil Learnerz are also waterproof and can hold a heavy accident with no trouble so you won't have to worry about leaks and messes. The inside is made up of an absorbent, dual layer, microfiber core. Lil Learnerz are easy to pull up and down by your little one and feel just like real underwear! Your little one will feel proud and confident in their new REAL looking underwear!

Five sizes for every stage of potty training!

Lil Learnerz are available in five sizes ranging from XSmall to XLarge. The XSmall and Small size also feature side snapping release panels for easy-off in case of accidents with early learners.


Waterproof outside
Hypoallergenic inner
2 layers of absorbency
IMWET Technology lets child feel we and learn their own body signals while Lil Learnerz training pants keeps accidents from leaking.
Size XSmall & Small have side-snap release panels for ease with accidents and early learners
Size Medium, Large, & XLarge are Pull-up style.


  • Bonnie & Jeweled

  • Charlie & Quinn

  • Dragons Fly & Invader

  • Roozy & Clyde

  • Unity & Destiny


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