Kissaluvs Newborn Fitted Diaper
Newborn Diaper - Size 0

Kissaluvs Newborn Fitted Diaper

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Kissaluvs Newborn Fitted Diapers now in VERSION 2 offer a smart, customizable fit. Soft and Durable, and now twice as absorbent as before!.

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Kissaluvs Fitted Diapers are Soft and Durable!

One of the softest, most plush, fitted cloth diapers we sell! While other fleece fabrics tend to lose their softness after several trips through the washer and dryer, Kissaluvs fitted diapers will not; their finishing is built right into the fabric!

V2 - Same diaper...twice as absorbent!

Kissaluvs fitted diapers - version 2 owes its increased absorbency to the NEW microfiber soakers hidden within the diaper's core. Since the soakers are literally sewn into the core of the diaper, this difference isn't seen or felt - and your baby's diaper remains as soft and pliable as ever; ensuring continued full range of movement and comfort for your baby!

You will be glad to know that these fitted diapers are custom-made in the USA, and while these cloth diapers are thicker than most cotton fleece diapers with its deep pile sherpa finish, it will not pill. They also boast an increased durability and stain-resistance from the touch of poly (10%) worked into the exterior surface of this uniquely soft fabric.

Built to Contain Messes!

By now you know that these diapers are soft, but you might not be aware of how well these newborn diapers can handle the biggest of blow-outs! They are designed with uniquely adjustable snap settings, low-rise front, full back coverage and stretchy elastic thigh and back binding to contain leaks.

Don't forget a diaper cover!One of the more popular features in this newborn diaper is the snap-down front setting. The snap in front is intended to protect your newborn baby's umbilical cord area from irritation in those first few days.

PLEASE NOTE: As with any fitted diaper, a diaper cover is needed over fitted diapers as they do not have a waterproof outer layer to contain the wetness.

Kissaluvs are pre-shrunk and sewn from unbleached fabric.

Size* Weight* Age* Waist Thigh Rise
Size 0 5-15 lbs. 0-5 months 9"-18" 4"-10" 12"-14"

Fitted Diapers for your Newborn!

Kissaluvs knows that even the smallest of small diapers are too big for many newborns. This is why the Kissaluvs newborn diaper is designed in a smaller size with the full scale of your baby's sizing and comfort in mind.

This size will fit the smallest newborn nice and snug with the added benefit of containing the very fluid poops a newborn can squirt out! The Size 0 has the snap-down settings in front to keep the fitted diaper from rubbing uncomfortably on the umbilical cord stump. Once the stump falls off, parents can adjust the front row of snaps as they desire.


Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Covers wrap around baby's cloth diaper securing a leak-free, yet comfortable cloth diapering experience for babies and their caregivers. Now with NEW & IMPROVED hook & loop closure!
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Kissaluvs Super Soaker Diaper Doubler 3 Pack
Kissaluvs Super Soaker Diaper Doubler 3 Pack
Add absorbency without adding bulk with Kissaluvs Super Soaker Diaper Doubler, made from three layers of custom-made cotton fleece and thirsty knit terry are sold in packages of 3!
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Kissaluvs Booster Diaper Doubler 3 Pack
Kissaluvs Booster Diaper Doubler 3 Pack
Diaper doublers like the Kissaluvs Boosters add absorbency to any diaper, without adding bulk or drying time to the actual diaper. Sold in packages of 3, these Boosters are ideal for heavy wetters and night-time diapering.
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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Nice Option
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MN. on 1/25/2015
I bought these and they fit my 8lb newborn well. I haven't had anything leak out the sides. He has wet them enough for it to feel damp on the outside, but I'm sure it took him multiple pees to get it that wet! These are a nice alternative to the covers and inserts that I have. Sometimes I just want to snap something on him quick and I go for these. I have 5 of them.
5 Stars
Great Newborn Fitted
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 1/22/2015
This is the only fitted I have purchased so far for my 2 week old son's stash, but I am really happy with the fit. He was 6 lbs 12 oz at birth and we used these from day 1. I like the snap down for the belly button and the ease of snapping on and off. I purchased 3 and wish I could buy a dozen.
5 Stars
great fit
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Texas. on 1/10/2015
I bought these for my 6 lb babe. The fit is great and doesn't leave any red marks. Easy for my husband to put on (even in the middle of the night).
5 Stars
Bulletproof for EBF babies!
Reviewed by:  from Midwest. on 12/9/2014
Kissaluvs fitted with a Thirsties duo wrap cover size 1 is my bulletproof solution for EBF explosive poo. I've heard a lot of people get discouraged during the newborn phase because of how hard it is to contain newborn poo with prefolds. It was definitely worth it in my experience to use the kissaluvs fitteds. I never had a blowout with that combination. Most of the time the poop never even made it onto the cover, so I didn't need as many covers in my rotation as when I tried to use prefolds.
4 Stars
Reviewed by:  from tx. on 9/29/2014
Love this diaper but its a little bulky between the legs. Fits great and absorbs well.
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