GroVia One Size Diaper "SAMPLER" Package
GroVia One-Size Diaper Sampler Package
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GroVia One Size Diaper "SAMPLER" Package

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The GroVia Cloth Diaper "SAMPLER" Package gives you a taste of what cloth diapering with this one size diaper system is all about. Take it for a whirl at no risk with the guaranteed 30 Day Test Drive!

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Sample the GroVia One Size Diaper at NO RISK!

Try Cloth Diapers - Test Drive Cloth Diapers and bumGenius! - 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeThe GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "SAMPLER" Package was created to keep things simple. We know that the myriad of cloth diaper choices available can be overwhelming. At times the easiest thing to do is sample a system, and go from there.

With the GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "SAMPLER" Package you can do just that - and with our 30 Day Test Drive Program, you can do it with absolutely no risk!

GroVia "SAMPLER" Package - only $31.50

This GroVia SAMPLER Package is just a sampling of the GroVia One Size Diaper System. A single cloth diaper shell along with an additional package of soakers. Get a feel for whether or not this diaper will work for you baby and whether this system will work for you and your baby's other caregivers.

The GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "SAMPLER" Package includes:

This package gives you a total of (1) Waterproof Shell and (2) Soakers.

Get familiar with the GroVia Cloth Diaper

The GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper is unlike your typical one-size cloth diaper; the GroVia company likes to say it will "revolutionize how you cloth diaper" - and they aren't exaggerating. Yes, it grows with your baby from birth to potty training using three adjustable rise snap settings (approximately 10-30 lbs.). And yes, the GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper allows you to cloth diaper multiple children of varying sizes with one system. And finally, yes, it is available in a whirl of different, fresh colors and prints, but it is so much more.

The GroVia One Size Diaper body is comprised of two pieces - an outer, waterproof diaper cover with a quick-dry, mesh inner fabric, and a snap-in soaker made up of 6-layers of certified organic cotton.

Click through to the GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper product page to grab more information about this one size cloth diapering system.

Please note: Cloth diaper packages are not inventory controlled so you may be contacted for substitutions or backorders. If this will cause a problem, please contact us and we will physically check stock before you place your order.


  • Citrus Hook & Loop

  • Cloud Hook & Loop

  • Lotus Hook & Loop

  • Persimmon Hook & Loop

  • Topaz Hook & Loop

  • Vanilla Hook & Loop

  • Adventure Hook & Loop

  • Astro Hook & Loop

  • Drift Hook & Loop

  • Funfair Hook & Loop

  • Ophelia Hook & Loop

  • Pudge Hook & Loop

  • Sweetgrass Hook & Loop

  • Citrus Snap

  • Cloud Snap

  • Lotus Snap

  • Persimmon Snap

  • Topaz Snap

  • Vanilla Snap

  • Adventure Snap

  • Astro Snap

  • Drift Snap

  • Funfair Snap

  • Ophelia Snap


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Customer Reviews

3 Stars
Our GroVia experience
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Seattle, WA. on 4/6/2015
We loved the idea of this one in two package, love being able to snap the inserts in so they don't fall apart in the diaper bag. Love the idea of reusing the covers, but found that because of the mesh non-wipable interior that it held pee odor more than our wirable covers. Also the overlapping snaps, while good in theory seemed to overlap backward to what we would expect (right flap under left flap) and that the snaps didn't line up to her waist size making it either too big or too small.
4 Stars
Cute, great material, weird fit
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia Beach, Va. on 2/16/2015
It is cute, their overall designs and patterns are too adorable. The diaper was made with great quality. It holds well and no leaks. However for my 9lb skinny leg baby it fits weird like I can't over lap the snaps yet I can't snap it fully. Hard to explain but I will still keep it because of their great reviews on this diaper. Maybe my daughter will grow into them.
5 Stars
Simple Product
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from APO . on 1/27/2015
Love these! Very easy to use when wrestling a squirmy baby on the changing table! The snaps make changing a CD much simpler
4 Stars
Cute and Easy
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 9/17/2014
I love our Grovia! We got it in the Wild Things print-adorable! It is very easy to use. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to use the cover more than once. I get two uses out of the cover before I need to wash it. Could probably use it three times if I had more inserts!
4 Stars
A good "beginner" cloth diaper for me
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 7/29/2014
I have two Grovia covers - one with snaps and one with hook & loops. They work well; I like that the inserts snap in, so I don't have to wrestle my son, an insert, and a cover. I use the flushable liner on top of the insert so that when he has a bm, I can life most of the mess off of the insert. I can usually reuse the covers a few times before having to wash them. They haven't gotten majorly dirty, just a little pee or a dab of poop escapes. No blowouts, though. I've used them during the day and overnight. Not as bulky as the Flips and prefold/cover combo (but I also don't know any of those fancy folds, either). I like that the hook/loops are so adjustable, but if you forget to use the laundry tabs, they'll stick to everything. The snaps don't have that problem, but at the size my son is right now, the cover always seems just a bit tight or just a bit loose. The inserts do take a long time to dry. I usually just run them through once and them hang them up to finish drying. Right now, I have enough cloth to get through a day, so I use them every other day. It's not a big deal if they take a long time to dry, but I could see that being a deal breaker for some people. Also, the inserts are a bit awkward to line up since there are two layers to them. All in all, I'm glad I tried them, and of the three types I have right now, I prefer the Grovias.
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