GroVia Hybrid Package
GroVia Hybrid Package
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GroVia Hybrid Package

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Traveling? Need an alternative to your regular cloth diaper system for your day care provider? Try the GroVia Hybrid Test Drive Diaper Kit and get the best of a disposable and reusable cloth diaper system.

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GroVia Hybrid Diaper Kit - Reusable Cover, Biodegradable Pads

The U.S. patent pending GroVia Hybrid Test Drive Diaper Kit will "introduce" you to the basics of cloth diapering with the popular and reusable GroVia Diaper Shells and the biodegradable, disposable GroVia BioSoakers.

A leakproof system, this eco-friendly approach gives a convenient alternative that parents and caregivers have needed. Have a day care that won't accept cloth diapers? Traveling to Aunt Sue's house and she won't let you wash cloth diapers in her machine? NOT A PROBLEM!

At home you can cloth diaper to your heart's content with the completely reusable GroVia refill soaker pads; when on the road or at day care, fill the same GroVia Diaper Shell with the all-natural, biodegradable GroVia BioSoakers!

What's Inside the GroVia Hybrid Diaper Package

Each GroVia Hybrid Test Drive Diaper Kit includes the following:

  • Fifty (50) patent-pending, biodegradable, GroVia BioSoakers
  • Two (2) Reusable, GroVia Diaper Shells in your choice of colors and closure.

Don't forget, the soft, cloth GroVia Diaper Shell is a one size cloth diaper cover and will fit most babies from 8-35 lbs.!

Compostable and BioSoakers

It seems a bit too good to be true that a disposable product could really be all-natural, biodegradable and compostable, but it isn't. The GroVia BioSoakers' ultra-thin construction is Oeko-Tex Certified and G.E. Free!

The GroVia BioSoakers are made with biodegradable and compostable materials*. Soft against baby's skin, the certified natural, 100% Ingeo spunbound non-woven fabric is compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA).

The inner core is comprised of sustainably harvested, biodegrdable wood pulp fibers with 3 grams of SAP (Sodium Polyacrylate) gel (compare to 10-20 grams found in other disposable diapers).

The waterproof outer surface is also 100% natural and is also compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard.

Plastic free, chlorine free, fragrance and dye free…it is as close to the perfect disposable product as you can get. For fastest use lay the BioSoaker into your GroVia Diaper Shell and secure around baby (the sticky tabs are not necessary).

What do I do with the soiled GroVia BioSoakers?

First things first, remove solid matter and turn the soaker pad into your flower garden or take it to a professionally managed (commercial) composting program.

If composting is not something you have available or can manage, the manufacturer suggests tearing open the GroVia BioSoakers, emptying the core contents into the toilet, and flushing. The outer, waterproof fabric cannot be flushed - throw it away.

PLEASE NOTE: *The elastic in the manufacturing of the GroVia BioSoakers in this GroVia Hybrid Diaper Kit has not been tested for biodegradability & compostability.

Please note: Cloth diaper packages are not inventory controlled so you may be contacted for substitutions or backorders. If this will cause a problem, please contact us and we will physically check stock before you place your order.

The GroVia Diaper Shell is designed for babies 8-30 lbs.


  • Abalone Hook & Loop

  • Ballot Hook & Loop

  • Calico Hook & Loop

  • Chiffon Hook & Loop

  • Cloud Hook & Loop

  • Haze Hook & Loop

  • Lotus Hook & Loop

  • Onyx Stripe Hook & Loop

  • Rose Hook & Loop

  • Tex Hook & Loop

  • Topaz Hook & Loop

  • Vanilla Hook & Loop

  • Woodlands Remix Hook & Loop

  • Abalone Snap

  • Ballot Snap

  • Calico Snap

  • Chiffon Snap

  • Cloud Snap

  • Haze Snap

  • Lotus Snap

  • Onyx Stripe Snap

  • Rose Snap

  • Tex Snap

  • Topaz Snap

  • Vanilla Snap

  • Woodlands Remix Snap


GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker 50-ct
GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker 50-ct
GroVia BioSoakers are an all-natural, one-size disposable diaper alternative for day care providers. In conjunction with the GroVia Diaper Shell, these are easy-to-use and no fuss!
Add GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker 50-ct to Cart
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GroVia Shell Only
GroVia Shell Only
Need extra shells for your GroVia diaper system? Choose from snap or hook & loop closure.
Add GroVia Shell Only to Cart
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GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills
GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills
GroVia Snap-In Soakers let you snap in the absorbency your baby needs in his GroVia Cloth Diaper System!
Add GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills to Cart
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Mom/ Speech-Language Pathologist
Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 5/23/2016
I am loving my new Grovia Hybrids. Super easy to use and I love that I can just snap in the insert instead of stuffing a pocket. I will for sure be investing in more of these!
5 Stars
Nice package
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Norfolk, va. on 4/2/2016
I like this package. I got it for my 2 month old because I hate disposable diapers and this lets him be cute with out the hassle of blowouts and not having to wash out Ebf #2 lol love it!
5 Stars
Love these patterns!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Oklahoma. on 11/28/2015
Purchased this kit to try out while I was traveling. I didn't want to purchase sposies b/c my son always blows out of them and I had been wanting to try out Grovia covers. I love the patterns of these and they are great quality. Can be used with sposie inserts or flats/fitteds/prefolds. The only thing I don't like about these covers is that they do not have double gussets. That has never really caused me issues though, just my preference. This is definitely a good buy!
5 Stars
Grovia Hybrid diapers rock
Reviewed by:  from Ararat NC. on 10/23/2015
I got a hybrid diaper as part of my eco #babyguybox. I was skeptical at first because I have only used pockets and AIO diapers until now. I absolutely loved the eases of using the hybrid. The shell didn't get dirty or damp until after 3 uses on one of my twin boys. The fit was great, they are almost 9 months old and super active, so fit and no leaks is important. I am in the process of trying to add more Grovia to our stash now!
5 Stars
I love these diapers!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Spokane, WA. on 10/4/2013
Grovia's hybrid system is AMAZING!! It provides so much flexibility for busy families. We use the organic insert 80% of he time but when we travel these disposables are a must. Oh & did I mention how adorable the covers are?
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