GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker 50-ct
GroVia BioSoaker - 50 Count
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GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker 50-ct

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GroVia BioSoakers are an all-natural, one-size disposable diaper alternative for day care providers. In conjunction with the GroVia Diaper Shell, these are easy-to-use and no fuss!

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GroVia BioSoakers - All-Natural & Compostable!

The popular and innovative GroVia One Size Diaper System that GROWS with your baby from infancy to toddlerhood now has a one-size disposable soaker option, the GroVia BioSoaker, for the convenience of parents and caregivers who cannot cloth diaper all the time.

Cloth Diapering Away from Home Isn't Always an Option

In a perfect world parents can cloth diaper baby anywhere and everywhere, but today's day cares and child care providers don't always allow cloth diapers in their establishments. The GroVia BioSoakers come in 50 ct. packages and offer an all-natural, biodegradable and compostable alternative that won't break the bank and is easier on the environment than standard disposable diapers.

GroVia BioSoakersSoft against baby's skin, the GroVia BioSoakers are made from certified natural, 100% Ingeo spunbound non-woven fabric with an inner core of biodegradable wood pulp fibers. Only 3 grams of SAP (Sodium Polyacrylate) gel is used in these soaker pads, as opposed to the 10-20 grams you will find in other disposable diaper products.

Constructed with true leg gussets, GroVia BioSoakers keep messes in where they belong!

The GroVia BioSoaker has an outer, waterproof layer of TPU on the back to make it easier to keep the GroVia Diaper Shell from getting soiled. The BioSoakers are compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard, as well as the ASTM D 6400 (USA) standards as well.

Plastic free, chlorine free, fragrance and dye free…the GroVia BioSoakers are the most eco-friendly disposable product you will be able to find.

"One-Size" Disposable Diaper Soaker Fits Newborns to Toddlers!

Because the GroVia BioSoakers are not sized, they can be laid into the hardworking, waterproof, Gro Baby Diaper Shell to use on babies from birth to potty training!

Sticky Tabs for Potty Training!

When using with the GroVia Diaper Shell or your own cloth diaper wraps, the manufacturer strongly recommends NOT using the sticky tabs on the BioSoakers. The sticky tabs are for use with cotton underwear and training pants only. GroVia knows sometimes potty training needs a wee bit more absorbency - the GroVia BioSoakers offer an additional, absorbent layer between your child and their trainers.

Because of the multiple size settings, families with several children of various shapes and sizes will save money when they invest in the GroVia One Size Diaper System; adding in GroVia BioSoakers offers more convenience in caring for multiple children when away from home.

How to properly dispose of the GroVia BioSoakers.

Obviously you need to remove all solid matter first - then, turn the BioSoaker into your flower (not veggie) garden or you can also take it to a professionally managed composting program. If you do not have this option in your area, and you do not garden or have the space to compost, the manufacturer suggests to tear open the BioSoaker and empty the core contents into the toilet and flush. The outer, waterproof fabric SHOULD NOT be flushed - throw it away. It isn't ideal, but it is a far cry from throwing an entire disposable diaper full of chemicals, dyes, fragrances, chlorine and SAP into the landfills!

The GroVia BioSoakers are just one part of the GroVia One Size Diaper System. Whether you select to use the disposable soaker pads or the cloth inserts, the GroVia One Size Diaper System will grow with your baby and offer "no fuss" convenience when you need it.

GroVia BioSoaker Features

U.S. Patent No. 8115050
Made for use with the GroVia system. Remove soiled soaker pad and replace with a fresh one as needed.
  • Made with Biodegradable & Compostable Materials*
  • Fragrance & Dye Free
  • Plastic & Chlorine Free
  • Ultra thin construction
  • Oeko-Tex 100 Certified
  • G.E. Free
  • Exceptional comfort and fit
  • Super Soft Lining
  • Certified natural, 100% Ingeo spun bound non-woven fabric
  • Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA
  • Core - Sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, containing a minimal amount of SAP gel
  • Waterproof Outer - The Bio-Film used (fecula) is waterproof and 100% natural. Compostable to the following standard: EN 13432 (EU)
  • Made with Ingeo Fibers, a renewable fiber, free of harsh synthetic chemicals and preservatives
  • Fairly and conscientiously made in China

PLEASE NOTE: *The elastic in the manufacturing of the GroVia BioSoaker has not been tested for biodegradability & compostability.


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Grovia is amazing
Reviewed by:  from Ellijay,Ga. on 6/27/2018
One of the best products I’ve used. They make life so much easier when on the go. Same cloth diaper fit only with ease of use. Thanks for a great product.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NC. on 6/15/2018
Love the Biosoakers for when we travel! I just wish they weren't SO sticky that you could use them in other brand covers. But they do work great in the Grovia covers.
5 Stars
Essential Item
Reviewed by:  from Belmont. on 4/22/2018
These are great! I didn't think I'd use them as much as I do. Great for traveling long distance. Place one on top of your diaper insert for quick clean up on the go and less bulk in your wetbag. No problems on the baby what so ever.
5 Stars
Perfect for travel
Reviewed by:  from Pleasant Hill, MO. on 2/28/2018
I use these inside my Grovia shells when travelling. They are great! Even work overnight.
5 Stars
Great for travel!
Reviewed by:  from El Granada, CA. on 7/7/2017
I LOVE biosoakers so much. They are amazing when you're traveling and don't want to or can't bring your whole diaper stash. Will definitely purchase for my next vacation!
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