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GroVia Shell Only - Lotus Snap
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GroVia Shell Only

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Need extra shells for your GroVia diaper system? Choose from snap or hook & loop closure.

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What is the GroVia Diapering System?

GroVia is a modern, one-size diapering system. Its unique, waterproof shell and organic cotton soaker pad minimizes waste and cost. When the soaker pad is wet, simply replace with a fresh, dry one!

How does GroVia work?

GroVia is designed so that the outer shells may be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker pad is wet, simply snap in a fresh one and you are ready to go. If the shell is wet, allow it to air dry and use for the next diaper change. When your GroVia Shell is soiled or very saturated, start fresh with a new GroVia Shell.

Most GroVia System users will find that using 2-4 GroVia diaper covers are enough per day, although newborn babies may need more.

How does the one-size feature on my GroVia work?

GroVia will fit MOST babies from 8-35 lbs. The GroVia Shell features three sets of rise snaps that adjust to fit your baby. Our unique one-size Organic Soaker Pad fits from 8-30 lbs as well.

Newborn/Small Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the lowest setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and simply flip the front of the soaker pad in towards baby. Fastened diaper on baby.

Infant Setting: Snap your GroVia Shell rise snaps on the middle setting. Snap your soaker pad into the shell. Tuck the front of your soaker pad down, while pulling the front panel up and fasten on baby.

Toddler Setting: Leave your GroVia Shell rise snaps unsnapped. Snap your soaker pad into the shell and fasten on baby


  • Citrus Hook & Loop

  • Cloud Hook & Loop

  • Lotus Hook & Loop

  • Mandarin Hook & Loop

  • Persimmon Hook & Loop

  • Topaz Hook & Loop

  • Vanilla Hook & Loop

  • Adventure Hook & Loop

  • Astro Hook & Loop

  • Drift Hook & Loop

  • Funfair Hook & Loop

  • Ophelia Hook & Loop

  • Pudge Hook & Loop

  • Sweetgrass Hook & Loop

  • Citrus Snap

  • Cloud Snap

  • Lotus Snap

  • Persimmon Snap

  • Topaz Snap

  • Vanilla Snap

  • Adventure Snap

  • Astro Snap

  • Drift Snap

  • Funfair Snap

  • Ophelia Snap

  • Pudge Snap


GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker
GroVia BioSoakers - One-Size Disposable Soaker
GroVia BioSoakers are an all-natural, one-size disposable diaper alternative for day care providers. In conjunction with the GroVia Diaper Shell, these are easy-to-use and no fuss!
starting at $7.99
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GroVia Boosters
GroVia Boosters
BOOST the absorbency in the GroVia One Size Diaper System with a GroVia Booster. Placed atop GroVia Snap-In Soakers, this cloth diaper system is perfect for day to night time diapering!
Add GroVia Boosters to Cart
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GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills
GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills
GroVia Snap-In Soakers let you snap in the absorbency your baby needs in his GroVia Cloth Diaper System!
Starting at $16.95
Add GroVia Snap In Soaker Refills to Cart
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Tucson, AZ. on 5/15/2015
I had to try these because so many rave about them. The hype is true, not one leak ever, we have pudge and lotus in the snaps. Cute and fit my daughter very well. We're hooked!
5 Stars
Best hybrid system!
Reviewed by:  from APO, US. on 5/9/2015
I was reluctant to try the Grovia system, as I'd tried another hybrid system first, which I really hated. I hated having to touch the wet inserts, and you couldn't set them down while you finished the diaper change. I finally tried these on my 11 month old, and I love them! I love how they fit my chubby little guy, and I really love how the inserts have a layer of PUL on the bottom, so you can fold them up and set them down to finish the diaper change. And you don't have to feel the wetness! I wish I'd tried these sooner!
5 Stars
Love Grovia shells!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from USA. on 3/3/2015
I am really loving these covers with padfolded bamboo flats & Grovia prefolds. I love the soft mesh lining so that no pul touches my baby, and it also helps hold the diaper in place since it's not slippery. My baby is still ebf and can have messy poops, but these contain it all! Plus they are very cute! I can't decide which I like better between snaps or h&l; both are great!
3 Stars
Nice idea, not quite right
Reviewed by:  from Chicago. on 12/31/2014
I thought I would like these more. I have issues in two categories. 1. How they fit my child, 2. How the insert fits shell. 1. My child is skinny and has a narrow waist. These diapers give him a "bubble butt". They are just somehow more puffy and rounded than any other kind we have. No problems other than the bulk issue with how they fit him. (He is four months old and twelve pounds.) 2. The insert does not fit entirely into the shell. The back side of the insert overlaps with the elastic of the back of the shell. It should be shorter and fit inside. I wonder if this is uncomfortable for him. I also wonder if it could leak out the back if the back got really wet. I read a recommendation for diapers with horizontal snaps for skinny babies - but this is not one of my preferred diapers.
5 Stars
I love these shells
Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 12/11/2014
I love the fit of these grovia shells. I love that they are not so bulky in the crotch area and fit well! They feel like great quality and definitely my favorite diaper
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