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GroVia Cloth Wipes

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GroVia Cloth Wipes are constructed of an incredibly soft, baby terry. Sized to fit perfectly in mom or dad's hand, these wipes can be washed and reused over and over - even beyond your baby's diapering years.

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GroVia Cloth Wipes - Soft and Reusable!

GroVia Cloth Wipes are constructed of poly-cotton, ultra soft baby terry and are reusable!

Generously cut to fit perfectly in hand, as well as inside most standard-size wipe warmers, the GroVia Cloth Wipes are cut to 8x8".

Each package of GroVia Cloth Wipes contain twelve (12) baby wipes. Because cloth baby wipes are used for everything from wiping faces to wiping bums, we recommend no less than two dozen cloth baby wipes to get parents from one laundry day to the next.

These soft, terry GroVia Cloth Wipes will be one of your favorite cloth diapering accessories. Useful for cloth diapering and beyond, consider all the ways these wipes will fit into your day to day routine:

  • Wipes away the mess at each diaper change.
  • Wipe up sticky faces and fingers when at home or out and about.
  • Lather them with soap at bath time to cleanse baby's whole body.
  • Quick surface cleans of high chairs, tables, car seats, and anywhere else.
  • Many moms report cloth wipes as ideal for removing makeup and washing their own faces.

Fiber content: 88% polyester, 12% cotton.

All GroVia Cloth Wipes are fairly and conscientiously made in China.


GroVia All In One Diaper
GroVia All In One Diaper
The GroVia All In One Cloth Diaper is a one-size cloth diaper sewn with a soft, 100% organic cotton inner and a leakproof waterproof outer. No Diaper Cover Needed!
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Warmies Wipes Warmer
Warmies Wipes Warmer
Use Warmies Wipes Warmer with your baby's cloth wipes to keep them warm, moist and fresh for each diaper change.
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GroVia Magic Stick ORIGINAL Diaper Ointment 2oz
GroVia Magic Stick ORIGINAL Diaper Ointment 2oz
Grovia Magic Stick Diaper Ointment is a natural way to replace the harsher, petroleum-based diaper ointments you may already be using.
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Birnamwood. on 3/11/2015
These wipes work great. I only need one for even the biggest messes. They could even be a little thinner and be just as great.
5 Stars
Great Wipes!
Reviewed by:  from British Columbia . on 12/30/2014
These Wipes are terrific - I like that my Wipes and cloth diapers can all go in one pail rather than using disposable Wipes. Plus, disposable Wipes are expensive! I prefer these to the Fuzzibuns Wipes.
5 Stars
Thick, strong and does the job well!
Reviewed by:  from Tacoma, WA. on 9/26/2014
These are super thick, double terry cloth wipes. Very gentle on skin. Because you don't always need a super thick wipe for just the wet diapers wipe-downs, I took my seam ripper and made each wipe into two thinner wipes! Now I've got 12 thick wipes for those heavy duty jobs and 24 thinner wipes for the easy changes. Because they are terry cloth, they should fray a little, but I've washed mine and so far there's very minimal fraying!
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 7/2/2014
Ok so I bought these when I was prego and then had a miscarriage so I have not quite used them for the purpose of cloth wipes for a little one. However, I have been doing a ton of research and the whole baby wash cloth idea is fantastic but I am just not comfortable with them because they are two thin. These are like two wash cloths put together but softer.. Plus grovia is all organic and made with beautiful fabric and I just love them. If you are on the fence between these and baby wash cloths.. They're only $10.95 for 12 of them. Last I checked baby wash cloths were like $6.00 for a pack of 5 or 6.. These are totally worth it!!
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Utah. on 6/25/2014
These cloth diaper wipes are great! They are my favorite! They hold moisture very well They are very soft 1 wipe cleans the messiest of bums. My kids get buggery eyes and these cloth diaper wipes are soft enough to use without irritating their eyes.
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