GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "HALF-TIME" Package
GroVia One-Size Diaper "HALF-TIME" Package
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GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "HALF-TIME" Package

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GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "HALF-TIME" Package

Not already familiar with the GroVia one size diaper? Unlike all one-size diapers, the Grovia One Size Diaper is a cloth diaper and cover in one. The body has an elasticized snap-in soaker in choice of 6-layer, certified organic cotton or 4 layers of microtery topped with cozy micro fleece for that stay dry feeling.

You can cloth diaper multiple children of varying sizes with the GroVia One Size Diaper because of its three adjustable rise snap settings; customize the GroVia One Size Diaper to meet your baby throughout his/her growth. The GroVia One Size Diaper is designed to fit babies 8-30 pounds.

GroVia One Size Diaper's outer shells now come with 1/2 inch taller rise to contain baby's messes better and ensure a more comfortable fit throughout baby's diapering years!

Everything about the GroVia One Size Diaper System is high quality: the YKK snaps are guaranteed for life; the built-in laundry tabs and signature tuck under laundry tab loops protect your cloth diapers in the wash; the non-pilling hook tabs will work for years to come; and the quick dry inner mesh sewn to the shell increases circulation, keeping baby's skin cool and dry.

GroVia One Size Diaper System with outer diaper shell and inner snap-in soaker.

GroVia One Size Cloth Diaper "HALF-TIME" Package $197.00

The GroVia "HALF-TIME" Cloth Diaper Package is EXCLUSIVE to Diaper Junction and perfect for part-time cloth diapering, but will not cloth diaper your baby around the clock. Some families cloth diaper in the evenings or only weekends, other families cloth diaper except for when their children are at day care, and still some families are easing into cloth for the first time, but are not ready to give over their disposable diapers.

This cloth diaper package "fills the gap", reduces a bit of waste, and is an eco-friendly step away from dependence on disposables.

This gives you a total of (6) Waterproof Shells, (12) Soakers, and (2) Boosters.

Why You Should Consider GroVia to GROW With YOUR Baby!

If you have ever measured your ecological footprint, you know our lifestyles have an undeniable affect on nature and our earth. All our actions have consequences. When you choose to cloth diaper your baby, whether you are able to do it here and there, half of the time or full time, it reduces deforestation, desertification, and our landfills. EVERY BIT COUNTS.

We offer savings with each GroVia One Size Diaper package, as well as FREE SHIPPING with all our cloth diaper packages of $49.00 or more.

Please note: Cloth diaper packages are not inventory controlled so you may be contacted for substitutions or backorders. If this will cause a problem, please contact us and we will physically check stock before you place your order.


  • Abalone Hook & Loop

  • Chiffon Hook & Loop

  • Cloud Hook & Loop

  • Haze Hook & Loop

  • Lotus Hook & Loop

  • Rose Hook & Loop

  • Topaz Hook & Loop

  • Vanilla Hook & Loop

  • Ballot Hook & Loop

  • Calico Hook & Loop

  • Onyx Stripe Hook & Loop

  • Tex Hook & Loop

  • Woodlands Remix Hook & Loop

  • Abalone Snap

  • Chiffon Snap

  • Cloud Snap

  • Chiffon Snap

  • Lotus Snap

  • Rose Snap

  • Topaz Snap

  • Vanilla Snap

  • Ballot Snap

  • Calico Snap

  • Onyx Stripe Snap

  • Tex Snap

  • Woodlands Remix Snap


GroVia One Size Diaper
GroVia One Size Diaper "SAMPLER" Package
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GroVia Magic Stick ORIGINAL Diaper Ointment 2oz
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Grovia Package
Reviewed by:  from Iowa City, IA. on 3/23/2015
Love, love, love Grovia!! They are by far our favorite!! This package is GREAT! Cheaper than buying everything individually!
4 Stars
Diapers Gro Via AIO
Reviewed by:  from Europe. on 11/24/2014
We are simply very happy with this package. It is hard to find them in Europe but we found someone who bring them to us so we are now glad to use them everyday! We change our son every 2 hours in average during the daytime.
5 Stars
Love my Grovias!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from virginia. on 8/12/2014
I just ordered this half time package after using my 5 Grovia shells that I already had. I realized I needed more to make it to wash day! These are a trim fitting diaper and fit my healthy 6 month old who weighs 19 lbs and has some lovely baby thighs. The shells dry extremely fast when hung to dry. The inserts do take a little longer than other inserts to dry. I was told to turn them inside out once I put them in the dryer and it helped immensely on the drying time. Poop stains? None! I put them for an hour in the sun and they disappear. I have some snaps and hook and loops. I like the hook and loops but I know that the snaps will last longer. The snaps still adjust really well to fit our LO. I haven't tried these for night time use but for the day, these win hands down!
4 Stars
I love it... but a bit pricey
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL. on 4/3/2014
I love this product: functionality, possibilities and way it fits/adjust on my baby (12 months). Got leaks only in the beggining, suspect that it was me getting used to CD (I'm a beginner on this journey - 3 weeks only) and the soakers probably needed another washing cicle. After that never had leaks again. ... Still wish they were less pricey (diaper shell + soaker), that is why 4 stars!
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Washington . on 3/20/2014
I absolutely love these diapers, especially the hook & loop shells! The hook & loops are great for my friends and family who aren't as comfortable with cloths or are afraid to snap too tight. They aren't super bulky on my 2 month old and work great over night! We haven't had any leaks and my daughter seems to be quite comfy in them. I liked this package so much that I reordered!
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