Flip Diaper Day Pack - Build Your Own
Build Your Own Flip One Size Diaper Day Pack!
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Flip Diaper Day Pack - Build Your Own

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Changing your baby's cloth diaper just got easier with the Flip One Size Diaper System! Take off the diaper, TOSS the used insert into the pail, REPLACE with a clean insert, and REUSE the cover!

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You'll FLIP Over the Ease of the Flip Diaper Day Pack

We could probably get obnoxiously carried away with describing Flip Diapers available in a convenient trial-size Day Pack. Surely you wouldn't mind us talkin' about how FLIPPIN' awesome it is and how you'll FLIP head over heels for it…right? RIGHT?!

Truth is, Flip Cloth Diapers innovation makes cloth diapering easier, and the FLIP side of that is we get to see more families embracing cloth diapers for the first time!

Why Consider Flip Diapers? WHY NOT!

As has been the case with so many of their products, Cotton Babies, LLC, stays at the frontline in the cloth diapering industry by keeping parents in mind. No stranger to babies and cloth diapering, they know the busy schedules and lifestyles of today's families; Flip is designed for flexibility and ease of use. No matter what you need in a one-size diaper, Flip can accomplish it with any one of the three inserts designed specifically for the Flip Diaper System.

FLIP Stay-Dry Inserts Keep Your Baby Feeling Dry!

Is your little one sensitive to wetness? Then you will love Flip inserts with STAY DRY SUEDECLOTH to wick moisture away from your baby's skin. The Flip Stay Dry Diaper Inserts have a stay dry layer of 100% polyester atop 3 absorbent layers of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide microfiber.

What's In a Flip Diaper Day Pack?

Our "Build Your Own" Flip Day Pack includes two (2) Flip Covers in your choices of colors. It also includes six (6) Stay Dry diaper inserts.

The 100% Polyester, Waterproof Shell of the Flip System is a Diaper Cover, therefore no additional diaper cover is required. The inside of the diaper cover is meant to be wiped clean so it can be used over and over again before it hits the cloth diaper pail!

Parents love the ease of use with Flip! At each diaper change, simply TOSS the used insert into your diaper pail (or if disposable, into your trash or better yet, compost) and wipe out the cover, REPLACE the insert with a clean one, and REUSE the cover again!

Flip's patent pending 3x3 adjustable snap system ensures the Flip One Size Diaper Day Pack will fit most babies from 8-35 lbs; basically birth to potty training,

Flip Diapers are easy enough to wash; toss them into a hot wash, line dry the cover and tumble dry your inserts (unless they are disposable, of course). Stay away from laundry additives and fabric softeners to maintain maximum absorption!

Please note: Cloth diaper packages are not inventory controlled so you may be contacted for substitutions or backorders. If this will cause a problem, please contact us and we will physically check stock before you place your order.


  • Albert

  • Armadillo

  • Clementine

  • Countess

  • Dazzle

  • Grasshopper

  • Hummingbird

  • Jolly

  • Mirror

  • Moonbeam

  • Noodle

  • Sassy

  • Stellar

  • Twilight

  • White


Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY
Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY
The Flip One Size Diaper Cover is the heart of the Flip Diaper System. It has options to meet the needs of every family and every situation. Use it with Flip inserts, prefold diapers, or your favorite fitted.
Add Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY to Cart
Learn more about Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY
Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Flip Diapers offer an easy-to-use disposable diaper insert for those rare times when cloth diapering is not a viable option.
Add Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts to Cart
Learn more about Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert 3-Pack
Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert 3-Pack
Flip Stay Dry Diaper Inserts makes cloth diapering easy with the Flip One Size Diaper System. Stay Dry Inserts wick moisture away from baby's skin, leaving baby cool, comfortable and DRY!
Add Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert 3-Pack to Cart
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great buy!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia. on 3/16/2015
Though our little guy won't be here til June, I was so excited to get these diapers for my slowly growing stash! Such cute prints & colors - and the AI2 style is just perfect. The customer service was great and I will definitely be doing more business with this company!
4 Stars
almost perfect
Reviewed by:  from Lancaster, PA. on 12/24/2014
I love these cloth diapers! My daughter is long and skinny so the adjustable cover is easy to customize for her shape. The stay dry inserts are super absorbent and we haven't had any blow outs in the few months we've been using them. The only part I find to be a bit challenging is when you have to use the insert on the "medium size". While it appears to be versatile, the insert usual stays at large or small, the medium fold is just a bit of a struggle to keep in place. But it's not enought to make me change my mind, I love these diapers!
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Arlington, Tx. on 11/9/2014
I just started cloth diapering my 4 month old and I LOVE the FLIP system. My EBF daughter would explode every time in disposible diapers. Her first cloth diaper bowel movement was while she was in the sling at Whole Foods. I was so scared that their was going to be poo all over me! I went to change her and the Flip Diaper kept it ALL in!!! I'm a believer :)
5 Stars
Love, love, love my Flips
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 8/27/2014
Flips were my first cloth diaper and I am very pleased with them. We've been cloth diapering for about a month now and I wish we'd done it from the beginning. I had no idea how simple it actually can be. Love that you can reuse the cover several times before needing to completely wash it. I like the stay dry inserts, I have a few different inserts and so far the stay dry are my favorite. Fits my baby very nicely and looks cute too! I had some concern about leaking, it looks to me like there isn't much protection (there's no double gusset) but I haven't had a problem. In fact, have had some crazy diapers that I'm sure would not have been contained by a disposable, but everything has stayed in the diaper! No complaints thusfar. I've already bought 3 more covers and some overnight inserts and plan to add to my stash as soon as I can.
3 Stars
Flip Diaper
Reviewed by:  from Herrin . on 8/11/2014
I like how we you can wipe them off and that they can be used without having to replace the whole diaper. My newborn does not really fit into them well and they are very bulky on her. I think it will take awhile for them to fit the way they are supposed to.
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