Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Flip Disposable Inserts

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Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts

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Flip Diapers offer an easy-to-use disposable diaper insert for those rare times when cloth diapering is not a viable option.

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Disposable Diaper Inserts for the Flip Diaper System

The Flip Diaper System offers a Disposable Diaper Insert (inserts come 18 to a package) in addition to its two other insert options, the Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert and Flip Organic Cotton Diaper Insert.

While some may be upset this is even an option, others readily recognize the need for a disposable diaper insert for when caregivers are unwilling or unable to accept cloth diapers, when traveling seriously limits laundry capabilities, and for a myriad of other reasons.

Flip Makes "Disposable" as Eco-Friendly as Possible.

I think we would all agree that reusable is always a better option than disposable, which is why the Flip Diaper System offers, and even encourages, the use of their stay dry or organic cotton inserts. However, the Flip Disposable Diaper Inserts have been carefully constructed to make the lightest footprint possible.

Dye free and fragrance free, the Flip Disposable Diaper Insert is the only disposable diaper insert that has achieved the Oeko-Tex certification*. The Oeko-Tex Certification requires a product to meet a "globally uniform standard for the objective assessment of harmful substances." During the certification all stages of the manufacturing process are tested - from the raw materials to the end product.

How are the Flip Disposable Inserts Constructed?

The trim Flip Disposable Diaper Inserts are made from 5 g of non-woven bamboo viscose; the filler consists of 14-15 g of wood pulp and 3 g of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers or Sodium Polyacrylate). The layers are sealed with 1g of starch-based glue.

Bamboo was chosen because it is a renewable resource, naturally antibacterial, and can biodegrade in soil (if exposed to the right elements) without any harm or pollution to the environment. Considered the fastest growing "grass", bamboo can grow up to a yard or more a day and does not require replanting because of its extensive root network.

We realize some parents take issue with exposing their children to SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers, or Sodium Polyacrylate) - in which case, one of the two cloth alternatives for the Flip Diapers will better suit your needs.

We will even go so far as to say we RECOMMEND cloth over disposable diaper inserts options. Still, we know there are temporary, extenuating circumstances where a more eco-friendly disposable option is appreciated, which is why we have made the Flip Disposable Diaper Inserts available for you.

PLEASE NOTE: Because Flip Disposable Diaper Inserts are trimmer than the typical cloth diaper inserts, you might need to adjust the diaper cover in the Flip One-Size Diaper System to the smaller setting to keep the insert snuggly in place.

* Source: Oeko-Tex Certification http://www.oeko-tex.com/oekotex100_public/content4.asp?area=hauptmenue&site=zertifizierung&cls=02


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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Good insert not great for runny poo
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from HAWAII. on 2/16/2017
I have used theses insets a few times during travel and will use them again. Baby was 2 months,4 months old, and 13 months old during use. I love that they are eco friendly and fit into the flip covers. I don't find them to be bulky. They fold down easily to make them for any sized baby. They hold a lot of pee and did mostly great through the night. My biggest issue with them is that the insert didn't do well with runny poo / diarrhea. We picked up a stomach bug during travel and I had to change a lot of outfits and sheets because the mess was not contained. I ended up buying traditional disposables until we were past the tummy troubles.
4 Stars
Got the job done
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia . on 11/18/2016
I used these instead de of covers while traveling. They are generously sized and would fit a wide range of babies. Easy to fold the extra under. These did last for 6-7 hours for now vernight. They were bulky on my baby, who is small. Also make sure you have a good cover to contain messes.
5 Stars
Flip Disposable Inserts
Reviewed by:  from Wichita, KS. on 2/2/2016
So, I bought these initially because I have a trip coming up, and figured that in the airports I might not want to carry around the weight of soiled inserts, so these I can throw away once they are used! I tried them out for a trial run and they work great when my little one is just wet, however, since he is still currently breast fed it doesn't hold his poop very well! (which was not unexpected!) Instead I decided to go with the other option for these and put them inside our pocket diapers!! Holds in the poop, and the weight of the wet insert gets tossed!! Looking forward to using them on our trip!
5 Stars
Work great while traveling
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 1/13/2016
love these! super absorbent. We used over Christmas while we were traveling and they worked great.
5 Stars
Work well when used properly
Reviewed by:  from New England. on 11/6/2015
I was initially having a lot of problems with leaks when using these because they would bunch up and it was just awful. I looked around online and realized that by folding the edges under so they wouldn't stick out the legs, I was causing the issue. The extra "paper" is supposed to stick out the legs of the cover to hold it in place and absorb anything that may start to leak out - much like the outer gusset on a disposable. Once I figured this out, we were golden. Surprisingly absorbent, trim, and reliable.
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