Flip Diapers

Flip System = Diaper Cover and Organic Cotton or Stay Dry Diaper Inserts

The Flip One Size System is completely customizable! The Diaper Cover itself remains a constant in this 2-part system - from there, choose from three different types of inserts: the Organic Cotton Diaper Insert, the Stay Dry Diaper Insert., and the Disposable Diaper Insert

Created by Jenn Labit, the crazy-smart, environmentally responsible designer and manufacturer of well-loved brands like bumGenius! and Econobum, the recently released Flip Diaper also comes in a convenient Diaper Day Pack. As consistent in quality and style as her other brands, we expect to see the Flip System win Jenn the same recognition and awards earned by her other cloth diaper lines.

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Flip Diaper Day Pack - Build Your Own
Average Rating(119) Reviews
Flip Diaper Deluxe Package
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Flip Diaper TRAVEL PACK - Build Your Own
Average Rating(42) Reviews
Flip DISPOSABLE Diaper Inserts
Average Rating(40) Reviews
Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY
Average Rating(249) Reviews
Flip Organic Cotton Day Time Insert 3-Pack
Average Rating(3) Reviews
Flip Organic Cotton Night Time Insert 2-Pack
Average Rating(38) Reviews
Flip Potty Trainer Inserts
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Flip Potty Trainer Shell
Average Rating(11) Reviews
Flip Potty Training Kit
Average Rating(29) Reviews
Flip Stay Dry Diaper Insert 3-Pack
Average Rating(67) Reviews
Flip Stay Dry Newborn Diaper Insert - 6 pack
Average Rating(3) Reviews
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