Ever-Fresh System Replacement Pillow
Ever-Fresh System Replacement Pillow

Ever-Fresh System Replacement Pillow

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Replace your Ever-Fresh System Pillow in the Warmies Wipes Warmer every 90 days to keep your baby's cloth wipes fresh, warm and moist, without discoloration!

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Ever-Fresh System Replacement Pillow

The Ever-Fresh System Replacement Pillow is sold in packages of two (2), is an integral part of the Warmies Wipes Warmer Ever-Fresh System and needs to be replaced every 90 days to keep your baby's cloth baby wipes moist and fresh!

Ever-Fresh System Replacement PillowsThis uniquely designed micropore pillow lays in the bottom of the Warmies Wipes Warmer as a buffer between the 3-part heating unit and your cloth baby wipes.

Your cloth baby wipes will remain MOIST and FRESH top the Ever-Fresh System Pillow because of a patented evaporation and condensation process. Micropores within the pillow keep the cloth baby wipes moisture content maintained by trapping and releasing water as needed.

Caring for your Ever-Fresh System Pillow

In order for the Ever-Fresh System Pillow to care for your cloth baby wipes, it needs a bit of attention here and there. When first inserted into the Warmies Wipes Warmer tub, thoroughly saturate with distilled or bottled water. Next, fill the wipes warmer with your favorite cloth baby wipes and allow wipes to warm for a few hours before using.

The Ever-Fresh System Pillow's moisture needs an occasional check; press your fingers into the pillow - it should be soft and moist. If necessary, add water - never letting the Ever-Fresh Pillow dry out.

Wash and rinse the Ever-Fresh Pillow thoroughly at least every two weeks; feel free to include it with your laundry on hot or warm water, but no bleach.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as the Ever-Fresh System Pillow is in the Warmer tub, your cloth baby wipes will not discolor, however, your pillow may actually discolor over time if not kept moist. The discoloration is not an indicator of mildew or mold, it is harmless and can be rinsed out easily and replaced in the Warmies Wipes Warmer.


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great Product
Reviewed by:  from VA. on 1/4/2011
These pillows are great. They keep the wipes free from mildew and they also keep them moist. I've been able to use them longer than 3 months and only re-moisten them once a week, at most. Low maintenance and super effective. A great part of the Warmies Wipes System!
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