Econobum One Size DIAPER COVER
One Size Diaper Cover
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Econobum One Size DIAPER COVER

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Econobum is a versitle cloth diaper cover solution! Use this one size cover with prefolds, fitted diapers, or simple inserts. Save money with this budget friendly option.

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Econobum - Simple, Versitle, & Affordable!

Now you can purchase the Econobum diaper cover all by itself!

Econobum One Size Diaper Cover Grows with your Baby!

Since they first hit the cloth diaper market, one size diaper covers have quickly found their way onto the favorites list of many families. Not only are they easier on the budget, but they make sense. We offer several one size diaper options, but consider some of the features built-in to the Econobum Diaper Cover.

The Econobum Diaper Cover is waterproof; made from a laminated polyester, it will effectively contain messes and wetness. The form fitting elastic at the thighs prevents leaks.

A 3x3 Adjustable Snap Settings (meaning the snaps are set in a pattern of 3 rows and 3 columns) on the Econobum Diaper Cover will adjust to fit babies starting at 8 lbs. up to 35 lbs., typically closer to when a toddler will potty train.

Econobum One Size Diaper Covers are Built To Last

You'll be happy to know that the only recommendations for caring after these Diaper Covers is to wash in hot water and line dry.


  • Butternut

  • Clementine

  • Dazzle

  • Grasshopper

  • Hummingbird

  • Jolly

  • Mirror

  • Sassy

  • Stellar

  • Twilight

  • White

  • Zinnia


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Customer Reviews

2 Stars
Not Real Impressed
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Idaho. on 5/12/2015
Not really impressed with these at all. I purchased on March 30, 2015 and received it the beginning of April. Already as snap on the wing has come off, I've only had it about a month and a half. Not pleased at all. Really annoyed actually. I'm glad I didn't buy a bunch of these and only got one to test and see how I would like it. I didn't mishandle it or anything either. The snap just ripped out when trying to un-snap it to change my kids poopy butt. As far as functionality they do ok. No real leak issues, they keep in the mess. I don't like the fit very well. The material seems iffy as to whether or not it will actually last any decent amount of time. The cover also stains super easy and so far I haven't been able to get the stain out, it's very slowly getting smaller but it still looks awful on that white. The snaps do hold together well as far as staying snapped, but at the rate things are going I won't have any snaps in the diaper to keep it on my child. Will not be purchasing these again.
5 Stars
best cover out there for the price
Reviewed by:  from Indiana. on 7/23/2014
Love this cover. It fits both my 3 month old and my 3 year old perfectly and seems so comfortable and soft. no tummy elastic but you really don't need it as long as the diaper under it isn't sticking out the top.Love the fit and price. Not bully either yet accommodates lots of diaper underneath.
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from West Fargo, ND. on 7/3/2014
I started out with the starter kit because we were on a limited budget and couldn't afford throw aways. My cousin helped me pick these out and I Love them they are thick and the cover are amazing. My cousin give me some of her covers in different brands but I always grab my econobum covers first the are great. Easy to use, adjust, and don't leak. I have used mine for about 9 month and I have not had to replace any yet. I would highly recommend these to anyone.
5 Stars
Our nighttime solution!
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 5/22/2014
I love Econobum covers for overnight! They hold in the bulk of lots of layers (prefold plus hemp doubler) and put an end to our leaks.
5 Stars
One of my favorite covers for prefolds!
Reviewed by:  from Germany. on 4/3/2014
They fit great over fitted's and prefolds without adding the extra bulk that some covers give. I tend to choose these over some of the more expensive covers I own simply because I like the fit better. I wouldn't recommend ever throwing in the dryer though. The Pul seems to melt easily. I accidently ruined one of our that way.
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