Dritz Diaper Pins
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Dritz Diaper Pins

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Dritz Diaper Pins are made from stainless steel with a curved body, making it easier to pin baby's cloth diapers. The secure, locking-head feature keeps babies from accidentally getting poked and keeps the point of the pin tucked safely away until diaper changes.

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Dritz Diaper Pins are Durable, Sharp, AND Safe for Baby!

Dritz Diaper Pins are reminiscent of a time when cotton prefold diapers are all anyone ever used to cloth diaper their babies and Toddlers. Though there are many other styles of cloth diapers available on the market today, many of us still love our tightly woven cloth diapers and diaper pins.

Safe for baby, Dritz Diaper Pins are made from stainless steel with a durable locking top that keeps baby from being pricked with the very sharp, diaper pin point. Capable of gliding straight through even the thickest of cloth diapers, Dritz Diaper Pins are sold in packages of 12 (6 pairs per package) and available in four soft baby colors: pink, blue, yellow and white.

Is It Hard Not To Poke Baby?

Concerned parents want to make sure they do not poke their baby with the sharp point of Dritz Diaper pins, and that is absolutely understandable. However, DO NOT WORRY because it is easy enough to use Dritz Diaper Pins.

  • First, do not think you need to push the diaper pin through all the layers of the cotton prefold diapers. Just slide the curved body of the diaper pin between a small portion of fabric you wrap around from the back of baby (often called the "cloth diaper wing") and secure it to the front panel. You do not need to grab up ALL of the fabric with the diaper pin or even push all the way through.
  • Once the head of the pin shows through the fabric, slip it within the colored head and slide the locking top down to secure the pin in place. The pin will literally be "locked" in place until you slide the head up to unlock it at the next diaper change.
  • If you store your Dritz Diaper pins with the tip pressed down into a block of bee's wax, or even a bar of soap, it will serve to "grease up" the tip a bit, making it even easier to slide through the cloth diaper fabric!

If diaper pins make you nervous, you can try the Snappi Diaper Fasteners, the "pin-free" way to secure cotton prefold diapers on baby!


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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Good buy
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from MA. on 1/29/2017
It took me a while to get used to opening the pins, but with time and practice it gets easier!
5 Stars
Love these pins
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 11/21/2016
We used these for our last baby who is now 4. Just pulled them out to use with the new baby & they are still nice & sharp! Awesome quality
5 Stars
easy, effective!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Norfolk. on 7/29/2016
Great pins to use. I'm glad to know the safety mechanism will prevent any accidental pricks
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from olathe, ks. on 4/18/2016
baby diaper safety pins arrived quickly, we well made and fairly priced.
3 Stars
Work great but...
Reviewed by:  from Brooklyn. on 7/2/2015
The clothes pins themselves work perfectly fine, but our cloth diapers are too thick for them to go through. We are now using them for keeping our swaddling blankets closed, so it wasn't a complete waste of money.
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