Diva Cup - Reusable Menstrual Products
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The Diva Cup is worn internally and is the perfect alternative to the disposable tampon or sanitary napkins. Collect your menstrual flow in a reliable, convenient, mess-free way.

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The Diva Cup - Clean and Convenient Menstrual Protection

The Diva Cup is a convenient method of collecting menstrual flow. Unlike cloth menstrual pads and disposable tampons, the Diva Cup is a non-absorbent form of feminine hygiene protection. When inserted properly, the Diva Cup collects your flow without mess and is easy to remove.

This patent-pending, reusable menstrual collection cup replaces unreliable, disposable methods. Used for either light or moderate flow, the Diva Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours before being emptied, washed and re-inserted. The Diva Cup is reliable through any and all activities - running, biking, dancing, swimming, scuba diving, yoga, and can also be used safely overnight without concern.

How to Choose Your Diva Cup Size

Available in two different size, there is a "recommended" sizing for you to prevent leakage.

  • Size 1: Fits most women 30 years of age or younger who have never delivered a baby (either vaginally or by caesarean section). This cup is 1 11/16" in diameter.
  • Size 2: Fits most women 30 years of age or older OR who have delivered a baby vaginally or by caesarean section. This cup is 1 13/16" in diameter.
Both sizes of the Diva Cup are approximately 2 1/4" in length in the body of the cup, with another 3/8" stem which can be trimmed to adjust for comfort.

Diva Cup Meets Exceeds Standards and Quality

Diva Cup conforms to the highest quality standards with an FDA, Health Canada, ISO 13485 certification. The Diva Cup is the only menstrual cup allowed for sale in Canada and holds market approval by the U.S. FDA.

Suitable for women with latex allergies, the Latex-free, BPA-free, and plastic-free Diva Cup is made from top quality, hypoallergenic silicone (not the same type of silicone material used in breast implants), the Diva Cup contains no chlorine, dyes, colorings or additives of any kind.

Interested in other styles of menstrual care products? Consider cloth menstrual pads.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from Minnesota. on 2/24/2017
I love my Diva Cup! It is so much more convenient than pads or tampons. There was a slight learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it's super easy to use too.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from NC. on 11/30/2015
I couldn't be happier with this purchase!!!
5 Stars
so much better then tampons
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from pa. on 5/22/2015
works great cant even tell that i have it in. also it my just be a coincidence but ever sense using it my periods are 3 days shorter!
5 Stars
Love the Diva Cup
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 5/21/2015
I had a size one, but after having a baby (at 24 yrs old) I switched to a size two. Love the Diva Cup! I googled "menstrual cup community" and found a lot of help on livejournal at menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/ on how to use it with better directions than are given in the insert included in the package. Also, I was worried that it would hurt to use once I got my first period after having a baby, and I didn't have any problems despite having perineal problems.
5 Stars
Great product
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 2/12/2015
I really like this product. I read the directions carefully and had no issues even with the first use! Definitely recommend.
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