Diva Cup

The DivaCup presents an Earth-friendly and reusable alternative to disposable tampons and pads. Keeping your period in check with the DivaCup keeps used feminine hygiene products out of landfills and saves money over time. Purchasing a single DivaCup replaces months' or even years' worth of traditional pads and tampons as its latex-free and BPA-free silicone construction allows for easy washing and reapplication over the course of your monthly flow.

The DivaCup comes in multiple sizes to suit women of all ages, builds and physical needs. The makers of DivaCup also offer a gentle botanical soap suited especially to cleaning the DivaCup and keeping it in great shape for its full lifespan. A switch to the DivaCup makes life easier on your body, your wallet and your environment. Shop here for the menstrual flow solution that suits all activities, be it the daily grind, vigorous exercise, body-stretching yoga or even swimming.

Join women around the world who are increasingly aware of how they can make a significant, positive environmental impact by switching from disposable tampons and pads to The DivaCup.

Have you switched from plastic bags to canvas? Probably. Have you ever thought about how much waste your feminine hygeine products are creating? Probably not. Switching to The DivaCup is as significant as switching from plastic to canvas bags!

The DivaCup is reusable and made from silicone. This makes it an important, environmentally responsible feminine hygiene choice!

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Diva Cup
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