Prefold Diaper Package
18 Diaper Rite Prefolds, 6 Thirsties Diaper Covers, and 3 Snappis
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Prefold Diaper Package

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PLEASE NOTE: We are out of stock of prefolds for the next month, this package will be back in stock in the beginning of Sept

Diaper Rite™ Prefolds and Thirsties Diaper Covers are a hard-working combination! This prefold cloth diaper package keeps you on a 2-3 day laundry cycle.

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Diaper Rite™ Prefolds and Thirsties Diaper Covers Package!

This Prefold Diaper Package is a work-house by any standard! Comprised of 18 bleached or unbleached Diaper Rite™ Prefolds and six (6) Thirsties Diaper Covers in matching size, along with a 3-pack of Snappi Diaper Fasteners, it is the most economical, efficient, highly durable, and altogether most popular cloth diaper package.

Diaper Rite Prefolds fit perfectly in most Cloth Diaper Wraps

Why Diaper Rite™ Prefolds? Because they are the RIGHT fit every time!

Diaper Rite™ Prefolds are not to be confused with other styles of cotton prefold diapers, like Chinese Prefolds. Our Diaper Rite™ Prefolds are custom-made in Pakistan using "Indian" cotton and custom-cut for more "sensible-sizing"; they will lay perfectly inside the Thirsties Diaper Covers included in this cloth diaper package.

Because our Diaper Rite™ Prefolds are shorter there is less bulk that can leave gaps at the back, front or thighs and make room for leaks. These prefolds do NOT need to be folded down before placing inside ANY cloth diaper wrap, most specifically the Thirsties Diaper Cover.

The expanded width from one size of the prefold to the other makes it easier for you, and more comfortable for your baby, when you wrap the side "wings" around to secure the diaper within the cloth diaper wrap. This tagless prefold allows you to fasten your diaper where you want without working around a pesky tag.

Diaper Rite Prefolds fit perfectly in most Cloth Diaper Wraps
Washed and dried multiple times, the bleached and unbleached Diaper Rite™ Prefolds are soft, fluffy and quilted.

You can count on Diaper Rite™ Prefolds to withstand multiple washes in your home washer and dryer because they are Diaper Service Quality (DSW) and can even make it through repeated industrial washings. Diaper Rite™ Prefolds get softer, more quilted and more absorbent with each wash.

Thirsties Diaper Covers - Reliable and Leak-Free!

Thirsties Diaper Covers are one of the most popular diaper covers we carry. Highly functional, this American-made diaper cover can accommodate different styles of cloth diapers, but fit the best with our Diaper Rite™ Prefolds!

This is a cloth diaper wrap, meaning the diaper cover's wings will wrap around baby and secure with Aplix tabs to the front panel of the diaper cover. The tabs are rounded to decrease the odds of baby getting poked in the belly with a sharp, squared-off corner.


Diaper Rite™ Prefolds are available in two colors; plain white and the undyed, natural color of cotton. The edges are sewn with a heavier gauged thread than "traditional" prefolds for longevity and added durability. See the chart below for the relationship between the Diaper Rite™ Prefolds size and thread (stitching) color.

Size* Weight* Age* **Prewashed Dimensions **Washed Dimensions Stitching
Newborn 6-12 lbs. 0-3 months 12.5 x 13" 10.5 x 11.5" White
Small 8-18 lbs. 1-5 months 14 x 15" 12.5 x 13.5" Purple
Medium 14-30 lbs. 5-18 months 15.5 x 17" 14 x 15.5" Green
Large 26-40 lbs. 18-36 months 17 x 19" 15 x 16.5" Orange

All diapers are 4x8x4 ply.
*Weight/Age ranges are approximate.
**Prewashed and Washed Prefold dimensions above are approximate; taken at rest, but can be pulled wider. After prepping and washing, prefold diapers will shrink anywhere from 5-15%. Because of the inherent properties of the cotton, Prefold Diapers not only shrink differently from batch to batch, but even from diaper to diaper. The measurements provided in the chart above are not exact and cannot be guaranteed; they are intended for approximate size selection only. In addition, avoid washing with the sanitize cycle or in water above 120 degrees as it will not only cause premature wear and tear, but it will also cause them to shrink more than the stated dimensions.

Go ahead and throw your Thirsties Diaper Covers in the wash too; might as well get them all washed-up at once!

Please note: Cloth diaper packages are not inventory controlled so you may be contacted for substitutions or backorders. If this will cause a problem, please contact us and we will physically check stock before you place your order.

Thirsties Diaper Covers will be selected by Diaper Junction from available stock based on your selected color preference. You may receive solid colors, prints, or a combination of both. You are welcome to indicate and favorites in the order comments section of the checkout screen.

All Diaper Rite products are protected by a 60 day warranty on sewing, workmanship, closures and elastic. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any warranty concerns.

Diaper Rite cloth diapers and accessories are CPSIA compliant.


Snappi Diaper Fasteners - 3 pack
Snappi Diaper Fasteners - 3 pack
Don't like the idea of using Diaper Pins, but still want to stick with your prefold cloth diapers? Try the Snappi Diaper Fastener! A safe, hygienic and easy to use diaper fastener, it is a reliable alternative to the traditional diaper pin.
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Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Cover
Thirsties Diaper Covers wrap around baby's cloth diaper securing a leak-free, yet comfortable cloth diapering experience for babies and their caregivers. Now with NEW & IMPROVED hook & loop closure!
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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great Starter
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Missouri. on 1/13/2018
This package is a great starter package. It has enough for me to wash every other day.
5 Stars
Great diaper to start with
Reviewed by:  from California. on 11/22/2016
I love them! They were a great price and they don't leak will definitely purchase more.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Missouri . on 6/10/2016
Love the prefold packages. Bought for my younger baby and will be buying more for my older child in diapers too. Great deal. I do recommend these diaper packages.
5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Willston . on 5/25/2016
I've done countless hours of research on all the different kinds of diapers and asked all of my CD friends what they recommended. I'm new to CD and very excited to start! This package was the best deal I found and highly recommended.
5 Stars
love thirsties
Reviewed by:  from sterling, va. on 3/9/2016
I'm very new to cd and ftm. I bought this package initially to try to help bulk up my stash by I absolutely love how trim the prefold and cover fit! We have not had any leaks and have also contained all the poopsplosions that have happened. My LO is apx 13lbs, super long and has slight chunk to his legs and these fit perfect! I do wish there were more prints in the cover pack instead of white, but still love love love them!
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