Diaper Rite FLAT Diapers - BAMBOO
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Diaper Rite FLAT Diapers - BAMBOO

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Generously sized rayon from bamboo flat style diapers you're sure to love!

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Diaper Rite Bamboo Flat Diapers - Versatile & Economical.

Diaper Rite Flat Diapers are the classic diaper used by parents for decades. In the past you could only find these diapers in 100% cotton, but modern textile advancements mean we can now offer offer Rayon from Bamboo/Cotton Flat Diapers. These super soft cloth diapers are made of soft 55% Rayon from Bamboo and 45% Organic Cotton Birdseye weave and are available in two sizes; 27" x 29" and 32" X 35" (prewashed).

Please note: Size is approximate. Shrinkage is normal and to be expect for natural fiber diapers. Bamboo blend fabrics shrink 10-20% on average. Due to the variable nature of birdseye fabric, diapers may shrink differently from batch to batch and diaper to diaper. Once prepped, flat diapers may not be perfectly square, but this does not affect the performance of the diaper.

These easy to clean classic cloth diapers are only one thickness so they dry quickly and easily on the line, in your dryer or anywhere you can hang them during travel.

Flat style diapers are very versatile and can be folded to fit babies of almost any size. Some might even say they are the original one size diaper since they are so easily adjusted. Rayon from Bamboo Flat Diapers are considered the premium fiber for flats because of it silky soft texture and ultra absorbent nature. If you need extra protection, simply stack two cloth diapers together before folding and fastening on your baby.

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Flat diapers make perfect burp pads or lap protection. They can be used to clean glass and glasses, they make wonderful bibs and many budget conscious parents swear by them as baby washcloths and mommy face cloths. Buy a stack and use them wherever you'd like to have a go-to, super absorbent cloth for mopping up big spills!

Prep Instructions: Wash your Diaper Rite Bamboo Flats in hot water with an adequate amount of detergent. Dry on low to medium heat only until dry. Do not over dry. Repeat this process 3-5 times. Your flats will be ready for use at this time, but will become more absorbent as they are washed.

Care Instructions: Store wet or soiled diapers in a dry diaper pail in a well ventilated area. Shake solid waste into the toilet before laundering. Rinse on cold. Wash on hot with a detergent. Follow up with an extra rinse. Line dry or machine dry on low to medium heat for best results. You may find machine drying leaves your diapers feeling softer than line drying. No bleach. No fabric softeners. No diaper rash creams.

Sold in packs of 6

After prepping and washing, diapers will shrink anywhere from 5-15%. Because of the inherent properties of the bamboo and cotton, diapers not only shrink differently from batch to batch, but even from diaper to diaper. In addition, avoid washing with the sanitize cycle or in water above 120 degrees as it will not only cause premature wear and tear, but it will also cause them to shrink more than the stated dimensions.

All Diaper Rite products are protected by a 60 day warranty on sewing, workmanship, closures and elastic. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any warranty concerns.

Diaper Rite cloth diapers and accessories are CPSIA compliant.


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Michigan. on 5/28/2017
These are our ride or die as us young'uns say. We use these everyday and slowly built our stash after getting a bit annoyed with prefolds (baby quickly grew and I dislike sizing up every few weeks). We do an origami fold on baby, with a snappi. She is now 15lbs roughly, but we have been using large flats on her since maybe 10lbs. We just have a lot of excess material but prefer to not buy two sizes, it works fine for us. Very absorbent for our super wetter. We add a hemp babies baby doubler in the fold for nighttime. We ended up buying more and more until we had 48 total, so we use 24 while the other 24 are being washed and then line drying. Then when they're dry we pop them in the dryer for just 10 mins to fluff them up and de wrinkle them a little. This means we have around 2 days and nights worth then have to wash. They line dry in our basement so quickly, feel super soft. We are a little obsessed with these. My one gripe is we bought a batch recently, and they shrunk a little off. It's a bit of a nuisance when we fold them because the edges don't meet, but it doesn't affect the origami fold too much. Just a shame because most of ours shrunk perfectly, so it kinda ruined things! Still 5 stars though. We cover these with flips one size and blueberry coveralls one size. We also use a couple of these padfolded in applecheeks size 2 pockets for day trips, to save faffing about with folding, snappis and covers :Dp
5 Stars
One of the best diapering choices I've made!
Reviewed by:  from Tampa. on 5/28/2017
These bad boys are amazing! 14 months of use and they have gotten us through infancy and sailing into toddlerhood with little to no staining and not a leak in sight. I WILL be purchasing these for our next due in October. So happy to have found these. They are my favorite!
5 Stars
Bamboo Flats
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Michigan . on 5/5/2017
I love these bamboo flats! They are soft and absorbent. They are also the trimmest cloth diaper I have. I'm thinking about selling my grovia hybrids to use these exclusively.
5 Stars
Would buy these again
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Irving. on 4/10/2017
I purchased these by recommendation I have thw regular and large size. I use these to stuff my pockets and on the rare occasion with a cover. These are everything! They are so absorbent and if I do have leaks it's due to the diaper malfunctioning not the flats. I would highly recommend them especially if you have a heavy wetter.
5 Stars
Great Flats
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Spring, TX. on 3/31/2017
These are my favorite flats, I bought the large and I do mini folds on my 2 month old. They have been great and very absorbent. They also have a bit of give that makes for a snug fit.
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