Diaper Rite Flat Diapers - BAMBOO
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Diaper Rite Flat Diapers - BAMBOO

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Generously sized rayon from bamboo flat style diapers you're sure to love!

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NEW Bamboo Flat Diapers by Diaper Rite!

Sold exclusively by Diaper Junction, these diapers will become a favorite of yours for sure!

Diaper Rite Bamboo Flat Diapers - Versatile & Economical.

Diaper Rite Rayon from Bamboo/Cotton Flat Diapers are the classic diaper used by parents for decades. These super soft and hard to find baby diapers are made of soft 55% Rayon from Bamboo and 45% Organic Cotton Birdseye weave are available in two sizes; 27" x 27" and 32" X 32" (prewashed).

Please note: Size is approximate. Due to the variable nature of birdseye fabric, diapers may not be perfectly square either before and/or after washing.

These easy to clean classic cloth diapers are only one thickness so they dry quickly and easily on the line, in your dryer or anywhere you can hang them during travel.

Rayon from Bamboo Flat Diapers are considered the most convenient and versatile cloth diapers because they can be folded to fit every size baby. If you need extra protection, simply stack two cloth diapers together and pin inside plastic pants or a cloth diaper cover.

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Flat diapers make perfect burp pads or lap protection. They can be used to clean glass and glasses, they make wonderful bibs and many budget conscious parents swear by them as baby washcloths and mommy face cloths. Buy a stack and use them wherever you'd like to have a go-to, super absorbent cloth for mopping up big spills!

Sold in packs of 12

Diaper Rite cloth diapers and accessories are CPSIA compliant.


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Diaper Rite Prefold Diapers - Cotton - 6 pk
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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Good buy
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 5/29/2015
Great price, nice large, always soft flats - even when line drying! Only thing that irks me is that they are way not square! The Airplane fold, Diaper Bag fold and pad fold work great though :)
5 Stars
Love them
Reviewed by:  from california. on 5/28/2015
These are the best flats I have.
5 Stars
Great flats!
Reviewed by:  from MI. on 5/26/2015
I bought the large bamboo flats and I love them! I use them padfolded in my Applecheeks. My son doesn't pee as much as he used to (he used to be a really heavy wetter!), but I wasn't sure if flats would be absorbent enough. These are! I really wish I would have went ahead and splurged on them before. I am worried about how long they will last, because to me it seems like bamboo rayon is a more delicate fabric. These aren't thin and they feel like they'll be pretty durable. I really recommend them though. They're very absorbent, large, and easy to clean.
4 Stars
Soft and absorbant!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Iowa. on 5/25/2015
I really like these! And I can't wait to use them on my new baby. I originally bought them hoping that they would work for my heavy wetting toddler but even with a hemp doubler she wets through them in about an hour. Still, I wish I had them earlier for her because they are so soft! And they dry really fast, even in humid weather. I'd definitely recommend them, just not for a heavy wetter.
5 Stars
Great Flats!
Reviewed by:  from North Carolina. on 5/22/2015
This is the first time I've really tried flats. I'm a prefold lover, and I usually snappy the prefold onto my baby. Our baby is big, though - 27 lbs, 15 months, and we outgrew the medium prefolds. When I ordered some larges for her, I also ordered a dozen bamboo large flats. I'm glad I did! These are working splendidly as a nighttime diaper for her. Either two flats kite folded together, or one flat with a medium prefold down the center. These flats have shrunk down - but that is partly because I'm washing with the sanitize cycle. Even shrunk down, the flats are plenty big enough for the kite fold. Absorbency is really impressive. I rarely have leaks, and it isn't uncommon to have a chunk of the diaper still dry. I'm very glad I gave these a try!
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