Diaper Doublers

Boost Your Diaper's Absorbency with a Diaper Doubler

Sometimes your baby's diaper might need a little boost, especially at nap and bedtime. A diaper doubler adds extra absorbency to your diaper without the bulk of a full insert. Doublers come in a variety of fabrics from microfiber, to cotton, to more absorbent option such as hemp and rayon from bamboo.

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Best Bottom Cloth Diaper Doublers
Average Rating(7) Reviews
$4.00  $3.20 
Blueberry Bamboo Doublers - 3 pack
Average Rating(4) Reviews
$16.95  $13.56 
Buttons Diapers BAMBOO Nighttime Doubler
Average Rating(1) Reviews
$6.25  $5.63 
Buttons Diapers Nighttime Doubler
Average Rating(7) Reviews
$5.00  $4.50 
Buttons HEMP Nighttime Doubler
Average Rating(3) Reviews
$9.75  $8.78 
Funky Fluff Bamboo Booster 2 Pack
Average Rating(2) Reviews
Funky Fluff Hemp Booster 2 Pack
Average Rating(1) Reviews
$13.95  $11.16 
Geffen Baby High Absorbers
Average Rating(2) Reviews
$16.26  $14.63 
Geffen Baby Quick Absorbers 3 Pack
Average Rating(6) Reviews
$13.78  $12.40 
Geffen Baby Super Absorbers 3 Pack
Average Rating(8) Reviews
$16.78  $15.10 
GroVia Boosters
Average Rating(41) Reviews
$9.50  $7.60 
Microfiber Diaper Doublers 5 Pack
Average Rating(16) Reviews
Stay Dry Diaper Doublers 5 Pack
Average Rating(35) Reviews
Thirsties Organic Cotton Doublers
Average Rating(11) Reviews
$7.75  $6.59 
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