Diaper Covers

Diaper Covers (Diaper Wraps) for Cloth Diapers

Some styles of cloth diapers require a separate diaper cover in order to be waterproof. These diapers include prefolds, flats, fitteds, and contour style diapers. There are many styles of covers to choose from depending on your baby’s needs.

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AppleCheeks Envelope Cover
Average Rating(46) Reviews
Best Bottom Diaper Cover ONLY
Average Rating(115) Reviews
Blueberry Coverall Diaper Cover
Average Rating(77) Reviews
Blueberry MINI Coveralls Diaper Cover
Average Rating(16) Reviews
Bummis Pull-On Diaper Cover
Average Rating(10) Reviews
Buttons Diapers Cover ONLY
Average Rating(23) Reviews
Diaper Rite NEWBORN Diaper COVER
Average Rating(4) Reviews
Diaper Rite One Size Diaper COVER
Average Rating(41) Reviews
Flip One Size Diaper Cover ONLY
Average Rating(251) Reviews
GroVia Shell Only
Average Rating(155) Reviews
GroVia Wacky One Size Shell
Average Rating(3) Reviews
Imagine NEWBORN Diaper Cover
Average Rating(4) Reviews
Imagine One Size Diaper COVER
Average Rating(19) Reviews
Imagine Wool Diaper Cover
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Average Rating(65) Reviews
Rumparooz One Size Diaper COVER
Average Rating(86) Reviews
Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Sustainablebabyish Knit Wool Covers Two Tone
Average Rating(1) Reviews
Sweet Pea Newborn Diaper Cover
Average Rating(8) Reviews
Sweet Pea One Size Diaper Cover
Average Rating(15) Reviews
Thirsties Diaper Cover
Average Rating(212) Reviews
Thirsties Duo Wrap Diaper Cover
Average Rating(455) Reviews
Tots Bots Stretchy Wrap
Average Rating(2) Reviews
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