Prefold Diapers & Flats

Prefold Diapers are Efficient and Economical

Prefold diapers are considered the most versatile and economical cloth diapers available. Prefold diapers can be pinned, folded, used as a soaker or cloth diaper doubler, or as inserts within pocket diapers, not to mention all their uses beyond cloth diapering.

Learn all about the art of Folding Prefold Cloth Diapers.

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Average Rating(35) Reviews
Bummis Newborn Pack
Average Rating(11) Reviews
Diaper Rite Flat Diapers - BAMBOO
Average Rating(66) Reviews
Diaper Rite Flat Diapers - Cotton
Average Rating(196) Reviews
Dritz Diaper Pins
Average Rating(21) Reviews
GroVia Bamboo Prefolds - 3 Pack
Average Rating(29) Reviews
Newborn Cloth Diapering Sample Package
Average Rating(28) Reviews
Prefold Diaper Deluxe Package
Average Rating(1) Reviews
Prefold Diaper Package
Average Rating(43) Reviews
Prefold Diaper Trial Package
Average Rating(0) Reviews
Snappi Diaper Fastener
Average Rating(226) Reviews
Sustainablebabyish Bamboo Terry Flat Diaper
Average Rating(1) Reviews
Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold
Average Rating(52) Reviews
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